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How can you develop a Russian Instagram account in 2022?

Fair to say that the life of Russian Instagram bloggers has become sufficiently harder during the last months; but even in these conditions you still can control your profile and even make it gain more followers and more likes than it ever did.

Even if you have decided to register a new profile this year and start developing your page, everything’s fine: you just need to learn several important things about the Russian trends in social media page’s promotion. These might not be that obvious to some, this is why we have decided to create this text and gather all of them in one place.

Suzdal, Russia

In this article we will be talking about reels, a chance to buy Instagram followers to form an initial boosting base and some other hacks that might be helpful on your way towards a certain level of success.

How reels help?

In conditions of today’s reality reels on Insta are the only format that can attract many new subscribers to your page, from different countries and of different interests. Basically, reels are like a demo version of a targeted ad, which is not available to Russian account owners today. But if you’d be filming reels several times a week, if you’d be following the trends in filming reels and if you’d be trying to communicate with your potential followers in the comments of these videos, you will increase a possibility to widen your audience very sufficiently. So make sure to study the trends and figure out which ones of them you could film right now to start circulating around the base of Insta’s reels.

What else can you do for free?

There are tons of Russian activity chats where content creators just like you seek help and support. Because of the friendliness and support that Russians show each other today you can easily gain lots of activity on your posts – this option is very helpful for novices, who don’t know where to find followers (especially in times like these) and how to gather first thumbs up. In these chats (in Telegram or WhatsApp) you can share your links and ask people for help, but be ready that you’d have to do the same for them in return.

What’s here for you if you’re ready to invest?

If you want to save yourself time and effort, you can buy real Instagram followers first – this option will help you to form the base to rely on later. Then you can add some other paid options to it, but purchasing subs first is essential: if your page has several thousands readers, the chances that your content is going to be naturally followed are way higher. People love checking out something that’s already interesting to many other people.


In the end we have to note that free services are taking way more time and effort from the content creator – the time and effort that they could spend on more important things, such as generating quality content and communicating with their audience and other bloggers. To make your life easier pay attention to a chance to purchase subs and spare yourself time and resources on making something that’s going to build up your blog’s image and reputation.

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