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Make snow tanks, not war

It is much better to make cool snow tanks than drive real ones on foreign territory

Cool snow tank, Russia

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It is a very cool series of photos. Look at the picture on the TV screen and how it is changing while Vladimir Putin is turning to it.

Even if the photos are photoshopped, there is some symbolism in them. Also, it should be noted that viewers at least in Russia saw this part of the ceremony this way.

What happens when Putin is not watching the Games, photo 1

what happened next




Soviet sports pin-up calendar 2014

Russian artist and illustrator Andrew Tarusov made a special Sports Calendar for 2014.

There are no Olympic symbols in the calendar which will become boring soon. Instead, it has some excellent pictures of drawn pin-up girls, and every month also has perky poem about different sports.

Soviet sports pin-up calendar 2014, cover

cool and stylish calendar

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In Russia, there is a phrase “Potemkin villages” which means fake things made to impress. It originates from a historical myth of fake villages built on the orders of Prince Potemkin along the route of the Russian Empress Catherine II during her visit in the northern Black Sea region in 1787.

In a remote region recently captured during the war with the Ottoman Empire, she saw numerous buildings, troops, prosperous population. These achievements surprised not only the Empress, but also foreigners, who were traveling with her.

Suzdal Russia - Potemkin Villages, photo 1

centuries later…




A new look at Russian folk painting

Art painting is the art of decorating any surface by paints and brush. It is considered one of the most popular types of arts and crafts.

In Russian folk art, there are many styles of art painting. You can see the most popular styles (Khokhloma, Gzhel, North-Dvina, Zhostovo, Mezen, Gorodets) with the help of these unusual pictures made by Sasha Vinogradova

Russian Folk Painting, picture 1

really unusual but cool pictures

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Russian man and his pet bear

Typical Russian story – a man and his pet bear. But in this case it is really cool video that is worth watching. This bear is just like a dog, very big dog.

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Important guests, traffic jams, big money… Investment Forum “Sochi-2013” was basically the same as all the previous ones. But this time was not without incident.

Krasnodar region prepared the pavilion with 1,800 projects, for example, the F1 track. Among the projects was the ski resort Lagonaki. At first glance, nothing out of the ordinary was noticed: the snow-capped peaks, green fir-trees, etc. But photographers found something else…

Lagonaki Ski Resort Layout, Russia photo 1

What did they find?

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These photos are not fake. At least so say the editors of the newspaper “Kopeysk Worker” published in Kopeysk town (Сhelyabinsk region).

Authors of these photos are American reporters Jack Tewksberry, Ali Sar. For four years, they get into the dressing rooms of Hollywood celebrities and offer to take a picture with the latest issue of the newspaper. Photos from

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp with the Russian newspaper

more slightly surreal photos


Alexander Zavaly is a Russian painter, illustrator and stage designer with more than 500 works living in Gelendzhik (Krasnodar region). A lot of his works are included in the collections of national museums, private galleries, both in Russia and abroad.

We would like to present to you a series of his works named “Epical cats”. This series triggers mixed feelings in Russians. You can make your own opinion by looking at these pictures.

"Epical Cats" of Painter Alexander Zavaly picture 1

heroic Russian cats




Polar bear floated past the Kremlin walls

Nowadays, in Russia, bears are not only roaming the streets, but also float on the rivers. And this is not just brown bears, but polar ones! Here’s a picture of today that can be seen in Moscow.

A lone polar bear on a small block of ice was floating on the Moscow River in the morning. Rescue officers of the Ministry of Emergency Situations responded on his desperate plea for help.

Polar bear floated past the Kremlin walls, Moscow, Russia photo 1