Syktyvkar city, Russia (Syktivkar)

The capital city of Komi republic.

Syktyvkar overview

Syktyvkar (also spelled Syktivkar) is a city in Russia, the capital of Komi Republic. It is standing on the left bank of the river Sysola, 1298 km north-east of Moscow.

Till 1930, the city was called Ust-Sysolsk. The current name of the city - Syktyvkar - in the Komi language means “the city on the river Sysola”. Sysola in Komi sounds as “Syktyv”, and the “city” - as “kar”.

Syktyvkar has the population of 253,000 (2012), land area - 152 sq. km.

The phone code is +7 8212; postal codes - 167000-167031.

Syktyvkar city coat of arms

Syktyvkar city coat of arms

Syktyvkar city map, Russia

Syktyvkar city map of Russia

Syktyvkar history

In 1780, by Catherine’s II order Ust-Sysola was renamed to the town of Ust-Sysolsk. Within the 19th century, Ust-Sysolsk turned into a big commercial center in the Russian north.

In the early 19th century, it was a small provincial town with the population of 6 500, 95 per cent of whom were the Komi people. In 1930, when the town was 150 years, it was renamed to Syktyvkar.

Syktyvkar facts

All governmental institutions of legislative and executive power of the Republic of Komi are situated in Syktyvkar. The climate is continental, with a long severe winter and a short warm summer.

The city is a social and business center of the Republic of Komi. It is the industrial center in the north of Russia. There are about 40 big plants in Syktyvkar, one third of which is of all-Russia importance. The industry is presented with more than 10 branches. About 62 per cent of the product is that of wood-working and pulp and paper industries.

There is a train station “Syktyvkar”, a railway station “Chovyu” (industrial juncture), a passenger platform “Ezhva”, a railway station “Koity” as well as an airport. Now a new airport 20 km far from Syktyvkar is being constructed.

Sykyvkar is one of the largest scientific centers in the European North of Russia. There are about 30 research institutions in the city.

Syktyvkar places of interest

Syktyvkar is a cultural capital of Komi Republic. There is a Republican Theater of opera and ballet, National theater of music and drama, Savin State Academy Drama Theater and one of favorite places among inhabitants of Syktyvkar - a Philharmonic Society of the Republic.

National Museum of Komi Republic is the largest in the region as well as National Gallery of the Republic of Komi. Well known are the Chernov geological museum, museum of archaeology and ethnography.

Syktyvkar city of Russia photos

Syktyvkar views

Syktyvkar city view

Syktyvkar city view

Author: Ignasheva Anastasiya

Syktyvkar view

Syktyvkar view

Author: Ignasheva Anastasiya

Syktyvkar city hall

Syktyvkar city hall

Author: Victor Radziun

Syktyvkar cathderal

Syktyvkar cathedral

Syktyvkar cathedral

Author: Victor Radziun

Start your Syktyvkar tour at the St. Stephen's Cathedral

The questions of our visitors

booh asks: Privyet I would like to know about timetables for the trains from Moscow to Syktyvkar as well as from St Petersburg to Syktyvkar, i know that if i want to use third class that i will need to buy the ticket in advance, but how much time in advance? and the most important question, how much money would it cost? thank you in advance
Expert's answer:

The train from Moscow to Syktyvkar runs several times a week (if you tell me the period you are interested in I will give you the info about the specific days). The distance is about 1412 km, the departure at 14:05 local time from Yaroslavsky railway station, the prices vary from 2300 to 5000 Rubles depending on the level of comfort. Time in travel about 26 hours.

As for train from Saint-Petersburg the departure is at 06:58 from Ladozhsky railway station several times a week, time in travel about 41 hours, the cost of the tickets from about 2000 Rubles. So I think the train from Moscow will be better in term of speed.

As for the period of time you need to buy the tickets in advance it is about 2 weeks.

Tomas Sandberg asks: Hello. I am visiting Syktyvkar in middle of july this year for aprox 3 days when i will attend a meeting in our companys EWC steering comitte and i would be happy for some information about nice places to visit and things to do in your town during afternoons. Regards Tomas
Expert's answer:

Here is a list of places you may find interesting to visit:

Syktyvkar theaters:

  • Theater "Fantastic Reality". Address: Kommunisticheskaya Str., 67-A. Contact phone: +7 (8212) 43-10-00
  • National Musical Drama Theater. Address: Babushkina Str., 4. Contact phone: +7 (8212) 24-89-04
  • Theater "MOST". Address: Morozova Str., 25. Contact phone: +7 (8212) 31-15-32
  • Theater of Opera and Ballet. Address: Kommunisticheskaya Str., 32. Contact phone: +7 (8212) 24-50-46
  • Drama Theater of V.Savin. Address: Pervomaiskaya Str., 56. Contact phone: +7 (8212) 24-10-60

Syktyvkar museums:

  • Museum of Archeology and Ethnography. Address: Kommunisticheskaya Str., 26. Contact phone: +7 (8212) 24-55-64
  • National Gallery of Komi Republic. Address: Kirova Str., 44. Contact phone: +7 (8212) 24-05-07
  • National Museum of Komi Republic. Address: Kommunisticheskaya Str., 6. Contact phone: +7 (8212) 24-11-73
  • Zoological Museum. Address: Petrozavodskaya Str., 120. Contact phone: +7 (8212) 47-93-02
  • Museum of precious and semiprecious stones. Address: Oktyabrsky Prospekt, 55, 2nd floor, room 229. Contact phone: +7 (8212) 43-67-21

Syktyvkar night clubs:

  • Nightclub "Bashnya" (Tower). Address: Pervomaiskaya Str., 40. Contact phone: +7 (8212) 21-52-64
  • Nightclub "Arnedo". Address: Zavodskaya Str., 21. Contact phone: +7 (8212) 21-50-03
  • Nightclub "Amerika". Address: Kirova Str., 56. Contact phone: +7 (8212) 44-60-23
  • Nightclub "9000 meters". Address: Malysheva Str., 31. Contact phone: +7 (8212) 51-70-47
  • Nightclub "NEMO". Address: Pushkina Str., 20A. Contact phone: +7 (8212) 21-67-63

The comments of our visitors

Ice Sculptures
Hello Clive - I visited the Ice Sculptures in Lenin Square tonight, and enjoyed the light display. It's my second time in Syktyvkar - I'm from New Zealand!

David Elkrib
Useful site
I find your website very useful. Keep up the good work. I very much hope to visit in the future.

Clive Pannell
Syktyvkar, wonderful little city

I recently visited Syktyvkar, for 18th-25th February (2011), where I went for a 40th birthday celebration.

I really loved the place. The city had unique gift shops and a wonderful shopping centre. Most of all I was very impressed with the superb ice sculptures I saw in two different locations in the city, where children were having a fun time on the specially constructed slides.

We also had a lovely day where there was a stadium outside the city where we could rent a cottage for the day and ski in the stadium or the forest or slide down the hill on a small rubber dinghy type conveyance - great fun!

I have several photographs and I am a happier person since my visit to such a wonderful place! Sincerely, Clive Pannell

I was surfing the web and ran across your site. I find it very interesting, particularly questions and answers. This is helpful in understanding more about your City.

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