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Museum of Weapons in Tula

The Tula State Weapons Museum, founded in 1775, is the oldest museum of weapons in Russia and one of the main attractions of Tula. In 2012, a new building in the form of a medieval Russian helmet was constructed for the museum (Oktyabr’skaya Street, 2).

Near the building there is an exhibition of Russian military equipment of the second half of the 20th century. Inside you can learn about the history of firearms and cold steel from the 14th century to the present. Photos by: babs71.

1. The building of the museum.

The exposition, located on several floors, is huge. Therefore, if you are interested in weapons, then you will need from about 4 hours to a full day to explore it. This is one of the best museums in Russia. Here is just a small part of exhibits presented in the museum.

2. Kukri knives.

3. Hand mortar.

4. Hunting gun with a triangular barrel.

5. Various pistols.



8. First revolvers.

9. Long-barreled versions with butts.

10. Something not usual.

11. With a small bayonet.




15. Various guns and rifles.



18. Standard Soviet SVT-40 and an experimental one with a drum magazine.

19. English Lee-Enfield and the US M1 Carbine.


21. Soviet PPD and PPSh submachine guns.

22. Experimental submachine gun.

23. German Sturmgewehr 44.

24. Machine guns.



27. German Maschinengewehr 42.

28. Lewis machine gun.

29. Maxim machine gun.

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