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7 Reasons to Visit Russia Next Summer

Even now, in the era of internet, interconnectedness, and inclusivity, the word “Russia” is surrounded by so much mystique, so many myths. Well, since Russia has been easing its visa rules, it is quite possible to travel there and see the country for yourself.

These days Russia makes an interesting mix of preservation of its historical legacy vs becoming a modern metropolis. It is a country rich with culture, history, traditions, and art. It is as diverse as it is enormous. You have to be very specific by saying “going to Russia” as it occupies half of the continent and can look completely different on various borders. If you are considering traveling to Russia next summer, here are 7 reasons why you should do it.

Suzdal, Russia

1. Nature

First, let us assure you, summers in Russia are not cold at all. Of course, it depends on the region you are going to, though central and south Russia will surprise with a pretty hot climate. Visiting Russia in summer is great for its nature. It is diverse, beautiful, and truly unique to this country. Wherever you go, be sure to visit local parks, hike mountains, or take a walk in forests.

Nature of Russia

2. St. Petersburg

Yes, this city deserves a separate point on our list. St. Petersburg is nothing like any other Russian city. Historically, it has been the heart of Russia, the preferred region for royalty. The architecture of this place is mesmerizing. It speaks of the country’s rich historical past, its Imperial history, and its cultural background.

St. Petersburg is called the cultural capital of Russia and for a good reason. It has always been the heart of Russian intellectuals. By this day it remains this status. It is also where the Tretyakov’s gallery is located – one of the biggest art galleries in the world.

Also, this city is better to visit during the summer as it is in the north of the country and can get pretty cold in winter. Also, during summer, St. Petersburg has unique natural phenomena called white nights. The name says it all. This is a brief period when nights are not going into darkness.

St. Petersburg, Russia

3. History

Of course, every country can brag about its rich history. Though, Russia may truly overshadow many in this area. It has been through so much turmoil only over the recent century that a simple weekend visit won’t be enough to comprehend its full extent. Yes, you can literally see the history of Russia on its streets. The variety of different architectural styles are puzzling at first. Though, once you understand the history behind each street and buildings, a simple walk around Russian streets will turn into a memory trip into the past of Russia. Next time at history class you will be glad to say, “I’m ready to pay for my homework on Russian history, just to get it right.”

Rich history of Russia

4. Art

Any art fan will know the value of visiting Russia. So many great artworks are kept there. Mainly, in the already mentioned Tretyakov’s gallery in St. Petersburg. Though, of course, there are many art galleries throughout Russia, particularly in Moscow. Also, all the literature fans will appreciate walking the same routes as their favorite novelists used to walk.

Art of Russia

5. Olympic village

Russia, just as in many countries who have hosted the Olympics before it, now has the giant Olympic village. Now, it is a large territory full of semi-abandoned buildings. Currently, it is used for tourism and some rare sports competitions. This year, for example, the village hosted the Formula 1. So, perhaps, next summer will also surprise visitors with some interesting activities. Also, the Olympic village is located in Sochi. This is the city on the Black Sea with a lot of great restaurants, bars, and beaches. It’s quite nice during the summertime. Though, be ready for its tropical humid climate.

Sochi, Russia

6. World Heritage sites

Russia hosts 29 World Heritage sites. Seeing at least some of them will make your trip worthwhile. Of course, they are all spread all across the country. Though, it can be a fun adventure to try to see them all in one (very long) trip. You will need some statistic homework help to explore how much time resources you’ll need for that.

Kizhi, Russia

7. Form your own opinions

There can be many different opinions and thoughts about Russia. Some are too afraid to visit it due to numerous myths and conspiracies. Some are just too reluctant to travel there due to long flights or potentially cold weather. Some are too focused on politics, forgetting that the country is more than its government. Overall, we recommend you to leave all of this behind and to see Russia for yourself. It is always better to form your own opinions than to live a life based on the opinions of others.

Visit Russia

To sum up

Leaving all the politics aside, visiting Russia can be one of the most exciting experience you can find as a tourist. It is a country full of surprises, especially for foreigners. It has a unique character. We encourage you to see Russia for yourself, experience its climate, culture, food, and hospitality.

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