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4 Best Universities in Russia for International Students

Russian universities have recently been gaining more and more popularity. According to the UNESCO Institute for Statistics, Russia is now one of the six leading countries in terms of global student mobility. This means that many foreign students, choosing their educational trajectory, give preference to Russian universities.

And this is no coincidence: Russian universities have recently been included in the most prestigious world educational rankings. Three Russian universities entered the top 100 of the authoritative Times Higher Education (THE) in physics, four – in the top 500 of the oldest Shanghai ranking. And in the ranking of the QS agency for the universities of the countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia, Russian universities occupied the entire “pedestal”. That is why we decided to help you and compile our own rating of Russian universities for foreign students.

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Why Should You Choose Russia for Higher Education?

In Russia, you can get deep, fundamental knowledge in all areas, but most of all the country is known for its strong scientific schools in the field of physics, mathematics, and natural sciences. Recently, Russian universities have also begun to pay serious attention to the academic performance of students. That is why, we recommend that you immediately note down the academic writing service, which will save you more than once from broken deadlines and bad grades.

Now, let’s move on to universities!

1. Moscow State University named after M.V. Lomonosov

In 2015, Viktor Sadovnichy, the rector of Moscow State University, in one of his interviews said that the ratio of Muscovites to nonresidents of Russia at the university was 50 to 50. And even the introduction of the Unified State Exam, according to Sadovnichy, did not change the picture. But if you do not trust the statements of the university representatives, we have one more proof for you. After all, if only Muscovites study at Moscow State University, who then lives in university dormitories? So you will definitely find a place to stay, and you will not be the only foreign student.

There are young faculties at Moscow State University that follow everything new in education and profession and devote a lot of time to the practice of students. For example, at the Graduate School of Business, the curriculum includes “Fundamentals of Building Business Models”, “Customer Relationship Management”, “Commercialization of Intellectual Property” and others. And at the Higher School of Television, there is “Theory and Practice of Contemporary Television Journalism”, “Fundamentals of Screenwriting”, “Fundamentals of Editing Directing” and many more interesting things.

In addition to the new “higher schools”, applied specialties are taught at the departments of the old fundamental faculties. At the philosophical and journalism faculty, you can get a specialization in PR, and economics graduates, including marketers.

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2. St. Petersburg State University

St. Petersburg State University is one of the oldest universities in the country, which trains excellent personnel. It is honored by both students and employers. Recently, the British magazine Times Higher Education included SPbSU in the list of the most prestigious universities in the world for the first time. The university was in the group of educational institutions, which are located from 71 to 80 lines of the list.

Studying at St. Petersburg State University means keeping up with the best students around the world. You will not abandon your diploma after graduation, because it really comes in handy and will be useful when applying for a job. During your studies, you also have a great opportunity to implement your ideas in the scientific community, as well as become a participant in projects of the most famous companies.

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3. Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology

Studying at MIPT always keeps you on your toes. Here, students in the shortest possible time master a large number of complex disciplines, work in laboratories, participate in academic exchange programs, undergo internships, practice time management, and soft skills. All this is the key to a successful future because the graduates of this university are able to master any technical or humanitarian field and are in demand in any research institute or corporation.

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4. National Research Nuclear University

The National Research Nuclear University is the basic university of the Russian nuclear industry. It has a number of high-tech facilities, including a research nuclear reactor. Also, this university holds a leading position in the training of programmers and information security specialists. Computer support of the educational process is actively used here: electronic textbooks, computer laboratory work, simulators. The university cooperates with several dozen universities around the world. Many senior students undergo training and internship at the best nuclear centers in Germany, USA.

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Summing up

Russian universities participate in international and national educational ratings that take into account the quality and accessibility of education, the degree of demand for universities by applicants, expert assessments of representatives of the scientific community and major employers. Education is the foundation of a future career. And how strong this foundation will depend both on the abilities and efforts of the learner and on the learning system as a whole. So, we hope you will apply to one of the universities on our list.

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