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3 Royal Attractions You Should Visit While In Russia

Even though Russia is no longer led by kings and queens, its royal sites can give other European monarchies a run for their money. The country has its fair share of royal cultural sites.

Are you wondering where to start? Here are several royal places that you can tour.

Palaces in St. Petersburg, Russia, photo 1

1. The Winter Palace

The Winter Palace is one of the most famous royal tourist sites in Russia. It is also now known as the Hermitage Museum.

Russian Emperors occupied it as their official residence from 1732 to 1917. Over that period, the palace was built and rebuilt severally. It predominantly features the Elizabethan Baroque style.

Because people saw the Winter Palace as a symbol of Imperial power, in 1917, they stormed into it during the October Revolution of 1917. But before that, it was the site of the Bloody Sunday massacre of 1905, which marked the beginning of the Russian Revolution.

To truly enjoy the Winter Palace, be ready to take a prolonged sightseeing tour. There are so many things to see. These include the architectural features, artwork, and sculptures, etc. When you are tired, there are plenty of restaurants nearby that will provide all manner of cuisines and drinks.

Palaces in St. Petersburg, Russia, photo 2

2. The Catherine Palace

The Catherine Palace is where the Tsars of Russia spent their summers. Until 1910, the palace was known as the Great Palace of Tsarskoye Selo. Peter the Great commissioned the palace for Catherine I in 1717.

However, the majestic designs of the Catherine Palace are attributed to Empress Elizabeth – their daughter. The palace is built in the Late Baroque or Rococo architectural style. It offers so much to see for enthusiasts of all things historical and royal.

The best way you can experience the Catherine Palace is by opting for a sightseeing tour of the buildings and the park. The theatrical and dramatic architectural features are beautiful and unforgettable to look at. Your children can enjoy the organized excursions within the palace rooms. There are also events like concerts that you can attend.

Palaces in St. Petersburg, Russia, photo 3

3. The Yusupov Palace

The Yusupov Palace is also known as the Moika Palace. It’s located across the Moika River in St. Petersburg and was first constructed around 1770. The Palace eventually became the official residence of the Russian noble family of Yusupov.

The Yusupovs were very wealthy and had a vast art collection. They were also renowned for their charitable works.

But Prince Felix Yusupov, who was married to Princess Irina, was one of the family’s most famous members. In 1916, it is alleged that he was involved in the assassination of Grigori Rasputin. The murder took place at the Palace. Regardless of these accounts, the palace remained in the family’s hands until the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917.

Today the palace is a museum. It also acts as a venue for diplomatic meetings, workshops, symposia, and international conferences.

Palaces in St. Petersburg, Russia, photo 4
© A.Savin, WikiCommons

You can tour the place and marvel at its majestic beauty. The interiors are magnificent and they will give you an idea of the way noble families of Russia lived in the past. There are lots of excellent furniture pieces, rich tapestries, frescoes, etc. for you to enjoy.

Also, you will get to see the various architectural themes that were used to build the palace over time. There are also exhibitions, classical concerts, and theater performances that take place on this royal site.

Are you eager to get started on your tour of royal places in Russia? Then you need to get all your paperwork in order. We can help you:

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