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Museum of Lace in Vologda

Vologda, included in the list of Russian cities that have particularly valuable historical heritage, has a unique museum – Museum of Lace, the only one in the country.

The museum is located in the historic center of the city, in a two-story stone building – the object of cultural heritage of the 18th century (Kremlovskaya Square, 12). Working hours: 10:00 – 17:00. Closed: Monday, Tuesday.

Lace Museum, Vologda, Russia, photo 1

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The Central Air Force Museum is a museum of the history of aviation technology located in the village of Monino in Shchyolkovsky district of the Moscow region, 23 km east of Moscow.

The museum, opened to visitors in 1960, has a rich exposition of helicopters and aircraft of civil and military purposes, as well as weapons, tools, uniforms, artwork. The exhibits are located in the open air, in two hangars and six exhibition halls. Photos by: Andrey Khachatryan.

Central Air Force Museum, Monino, Russia, photo 1

explore one of the largest aviation museums

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Not so long ago, in St. Petersburg, a new attraction “Grand Model of Russia” has appeared. It is the largest model in Russia (800 square meters) showing cities and towns, forests and seas, people and animals, roads and railways.

The exposition has all key and typical objects of every Russian region. You can see different scenes from the life of the country: moving trains and cars, naval base, spaceport, a shepherd with a flock of sheep, ships at sea, etc. Here is just a small part of the models presented. Photos by deletant

Grand Model of Russia, photo 1

Russia in miniature

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The State Museum of Architecture named after A.V. Shchusev in Moscow begins advertising campaign. The main purpose is to tell people about this wonderful museum. Unique collections of the museum reflect thousand-year history of the architectural heritage of Russia.

The focus is on the key historic buildings, symbols of the city – St. Basil’s Cathedral on Red Square, the Bolshoi Theater, and the main building of Moscow State University named after M.V. Lomonosov.

Shchusev State Architecture Museum, Moscow, Russia poster 1


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Architectural and Ethnographic Museum of the Vologda region “Semyonkovo” invites you into the world of the Russian village of the late 19th – the early 20th centuries. Here you can learn more about the traditions, cultural background, and mentality of the Russian people.

The museum was opened in 1979. It is a monument of national value. The museum covers an area of 12.7 hectares and has a lot of monuments of wooden architecture of the middle 19th – the early 20th centuries. Photos by Denis Spirin

Architectural and Ethnographic Museum Semyonkovo, Vologda, Russia photo 1


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Steel Works Museum in Nizhny Tagil

The history of Nizhny Tagil dates back to 1722 when the ironworks was built by Demidov dynasty. At the time Nizhny Tagil plant was one of the biggest, not only in Russia but also in Europe.

The plant was expanding for three centuries. In 1987, after working for more than 260 years, old blast furnace shop was shut down and Russia’s only plant museum was created. Photos by Vitkaravan

Steel works museum, Nizhny Tagil, Russia photo 1


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The museum, located in the small town of Verkhnaya (Upper) Pyshma (about 1 km north of Yekaterinburg) is one of the most interesting museums of military vehicles, not only in the Urals, but throughout Russia.

Rare examples of armored vehicles of the Second World War in surprisingly good condition, as well as continued expansion of the exposition make the museum a truly unique destination for fans of history and technology, as well as for everyone else too. The entrance is free.

Military vehicles museum, Verkhnaya Pyshma, Russia photo 1


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On the territory of science town Chernogolovka, located about 40 km from Moscow, there is the Military-Technical Museum, dedicated to the history of the civil and military vehicles.

The collection brings together vehicles made in the Soviet Union, Germany, France, USA, Japan and other foreign countries and covers more than 100-year period from the end of the nineteenth century to the present day. Photos by Misha Grizli

Military-technical museum, Ivanovo, Chernogolovka, Russia view 1


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The branch of the Novgorod State Museum-Reserve “Vitoslavlitsy” is located near Yuriev Monastery (about 5 km from Veliky Novgorod), on the shores of Lake Myachino.

Various wooden buildings (churches, peasants houses, mills, barns, etc.) that have architectural and historical value are moved here from all the districts of Novgorod oblast. At the present time around 30 buildings are gathered in the museum.

Wooden architecture museum. Novgorod oblast, Russia view 1


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The Museum of Lend Lease in Moscow

This unique museum was founded by enthusiasts. The exhibition can be found in one of the halls of the Moscow school №1262. The room is full of various exhibits in one way or another related to the Lend Lease program.

Lend Lease was a state program of the United States during the Second World War. In accordance with the program the U.S. supplied its allies (mainly the Great Britain, the USSR, France, and China) with munitions, military equipment, food, and strategic raw materials, including petroleum products. Photos by

Lend Lease Museum, Moscow, Russia view 1


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