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Abandoned storage of nuclear warheads

On the vast expanses of Russia you can find a lot of abandoned facilities. Most of them were built in remote and sometimes very picturesque areas for military purposes during the Soviet period and after the collapse of the USSR were abandoned.

For example, look at this abandoned storage of nuclear warheads built in the 1960s in the depths of the granite mountain and located somewhere in the northern part of Russia. Photos by Lana Sator

Abandoned storage of nuclear warheads, Russia, photo 1

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Trinity Church, built in 1827-1832, is located near Pyatino village (western edge of Ulyanovsk region). Previously, next to the church, there was a manor of noble family of Annenkov.

The church is rapidly decaying; domes and columns in the interior are crumbling. It looks like nobody cares about preserving it. Pyatino landscape is definitely one of the most fascinating Russian landscapes. Photos by av_otus

Abandoned church, Pyatino village, Russia, photo 1

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Abandoned shelter-base for Soviet submarines

Scenic view of abandoned anti-nuclear shelter-base for submarines of the Pacific Fleet located at Pavlovsk submarine base in Primorye krai. Photo by hajoff

Abandoned shelter-base for Soviet submarines

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Defense expenditures in Russia are growing every year (about 14-18% of the total expenditure of the budget). In 2012, these costs amounted to about 1865 billion rubles (62 billion USD).

Some of these funds are spent on the purchase of new equipment, weapons, warehousing of the equipment at military bases scattered throughout Russia.

Decommissioned Equipment of Russian Engineering Troops, photo 1

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Abandoned Summer Camp with Retro Cars

Forests in Moscow region hide a lot of various abandoned buildings and structures. Some buildings are in ruins, but others are hardly affected by time.

Most often you can find abandoned military facilities, academic institutions, and summer camps. In the latter, usually, you can’t see anything unusual, but not in this case. On the territory of one summer camp the following collection of retro cars has been found. Photos by saoirse_2010

Abandoned Summer Camp with Retro Cars, Moscow region, Russia photo 1

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Abandoned textile factory that burned down

One, two, Freddy’s coming for you.
Three, four, better lock your door.
Five, six, grab your crucifix.
Seven, eight, gonna stay up late.
Nine, ten, never sleep again.

Freddy Krueger would definitely love this place! Photos by Lana Sator

Abandoned textile factory that burned down, Russia photo 1





Abandoned peat extraction site near Moscow

Earlier this place, located in the north of the Moscow region, was Olkhovskoye swamp. In 1936, the swamp was drained, and peat extraction began in 1955.

In 2010, one of the sites began to fill with water because of its depletion. A lot of different machines for peat extraction were left creating a very beautiful post-apocalyptic landscape now. Photos by rotweller

Abandoned peat extraction site near Moscow, Russia photo 1


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The maximum depth of this abandoned mine shaft located somewhere in Russia reaches 880 meters. The mine is not functioning for several years and is suspended.

All the entrances and ventilation trunks are either concreted or sealed with steel “stoppers.” However, there are people for whom this is not an obstacle. Photos by Vadim Mahorov.

Abandoned mine suspended for years somewhere in Russia view 1



On the bank of the Volga River near the town of Tutaev (Yaroslavl oblast) you can see the remains of a very beautiful building, known as Sorokin’s dacha.

It is believed that the house in the Moorish style was bought by Yaroslavl merchant Sergei Nikolayevich Sorokin at the fair in Nizhny Novgorod. The house was built in 1868. Also there was a park with a pond, fountains and pavilions around the dacha. Photos by vj_jjic

The remains of beautiful Sorokin's dacha, Yaroslavl oblast, Russia view 1


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“Dunai-3U” is early warning radar station of Soviet missile defense system A-35M located in Moskovskaya oblast. The station was put in service in 1978. NATO’s code for radar station “Dunai-3U” is “Cathouse”.

Today the station operates partly; most of the equipment was dismantled. Once it was one of the most secret military facilities of the Soviet Union. Today the station is practically deserted. Photos by artuniar.

Radar station Dunai-3U, Russia view 1


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