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7 facts about dating in Russia

Russian people are resilient, intelligent, beautiful individuals that make for enviable romantic partners. With the advent of new technology and even immigration, people can find themselves dating a Russian person quite easily.

However, it’s important to understand Russians a bit before getting into a relationship with them. Website has shared an interesting list of facts about dating in Russia.

Dating in Russia

1. A man takes the first step to dating

First things first, men are the ones that make the first move when it comes to romance. They’ll ask someone out and they’re usually pretty direct about their desired outcomes. A Russian woman will expect to be asked out. If you like one, then you better ask her out instead of waiting.

2. Appearance on a date is very important

Appearance is everything for dating a Russian man or woman. They want to demonstrate how they look at their best and that they know what it takes to be attractive. You should wear nice clothes, keep yourself looking neat and be prepared for a relatively tame first date.

Many people dating Russians expect the date to be more westernized such as in the U.S., but the morals and values of Russians make them wary of people looking for more than an innocent date.

3. Russians don’t know about personal space

When you’re standing in line waiting for your table to be called, you might find that your partner leans in to talk to you. They’ll stand next to you and possibly hold your hand. This is due to their different understanding of personal space than other nations.

They’re closer, more affectionate to their friends and loved ones, and they stand closer than you might be used to. You’ll have to spend some time with each other to get used to it.

4. Russians prefer traditional dating

Russians use technology to help them find dates, so you’ll find them on dating sites. Yet, when a Russian person is exclusively dating another individual, they’ll have a strong preference for traditional dating. Not only does that mean the dates will have an air of modesty to them, but they’ll be face-to-face.

Expect your date to pick you up, pull out your chair, and be very proper towards you if it’s a man. Women will dress demurely, have a good time, and make sure you’re on your best behavior.

5. Men in Russia are knights

Men in Russia tend to be protectors. They’ll treat their female companions like their own family, and they don’t allow them to suffer insults. They know how to protect themselves and each other, and they consider it a duty. So, if you have a daughter going out with a Russian man, you can rest easy knowing that she will be safe.

6. Role of man and woman in the family

The roles of men and women in Russia aren’t too unique, but the role women play has evolved in recent years. Men are usually the breadwinners. They work in jobs, serve in the military, and do everything they can to improve their personal situation. They deal out punishments for their children and keep them in line.

Women are involved in child-rearing, home maintenance, and the workforce. Men and women are very self-sacrificial for the sake of improving the family.

7. Family for Russians comes in the first place

As previously stated, men and women work hard to make their families successful. As such, they’re a very family-oriented culture. In terms of romance, the influence of family is present there as well.

When a young man comes to take a woman out on a date, he will appear looking nice, introduce himself to the family, and only proceed with their blessing. A Russian man might even insist on meeting a family member of a non-Russian woman before a date. Family approval is everything to them!


Dating a Russian man or woman can be a very rewarding experience. It can take time to get used to their mannerisms, but they are rooted in a beautiful tradition designed to keep everyone safe. With that in mind, there are plenty of single Russian people online, around your area, and around the world that would love to go out on a date; you should try meeting one!

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