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Bizarre Russia

There have been a lot of strange goings on in Russia over the past decade, with supposed Russian secret agents claiming to have visited England on a special trip to see Salisbury Cathedral…

There were bizarre scenes in 2013 as well when dashcam footage captured the moment that a 66 foot asteroid crashed into Chelyabinsk. The asteroid was heavier than the Eiffel Tower and caused a stir all around the world.

Whilst this meteor crash was explained, there are plenty more incidents that have happened in Russia recently that have gone unexplained…

The curious case of the falling gold

Locals in the Siberian city of Yakutsk must have thought their dreams had come true earlier this year when 3.4 tons of gold fell out of the sky. The incident occurred when a Soviet era plane was carrying the expensive cargo from the Kupol gold mine and the rear door sprung open.

The rest of the cargo remained on board, which was estimated to be worth around £120 million. 172 gold bars in total were recovered from the scene but some eager locals are said to have searched the nearby area in the hopes of stumbling across riches.

The bleach vigilante

Since the fall of the Soviet Union the economy and military strength of Russia has dwindled in direct comparison to that of the EU which has flourished. Vladimir Putin’s government has therefore sought other ways to destabilize western governments and societies.

One way that they do this is through the dissemination of ‘fake news’. Earlier this year one such example caused angry debate in western countries. A Russian prankster by the name of Anna Dovgalyuk filmed herself pouring water onto the crotches of ‘manspreaders’ on public transport.

However it was leaked to western media by Kremlin Propaganda chief Stanislav Kudrin as a bleach attack by a militant feminist group. The idea was to spread division and extreme anti-feminist sentiment in western countries, and it worked!

The pumpkin man of Novosibirsk

In western countries we have the craze of idiots dressing up as killer clowns and terrorizing unsuspecting members of the public. In Russia they have a slightly more placid Halloween character by the name of ‘The Pumpkin Man.’

Svetlana Erygina from Novosibirsk hit headlines in October when she took pictures of the pumpkin man all over the city. The character wore black trainers, black jeans, a navy sports jacket and a pumpkin fully on his head – no eyes, no holes, just a pumpkin.

Svetlana took pictures of the creation all around the town, outside shops reading papers, mounted on the back of a statue of a horse, riding the bus and shopping in a local greengrocers. The interesting thing about the pictures and Svetlana’s accounts is that seemingly members of the public did not bat an eyelid at the appearance of this strange character.

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