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The cruiser “Aurora” has gone for repairs

This morning four tugs have taken the cruiser “Aurora” (a famous museum ship in Saint Petersburg) to Kronstadt for dock repairs.

During the repair, the historical parts of the hull and machinery of the ship will be fully preserved. The cruiser will return to the historic berth in 2016. Photos by Mikhail Roskin published in drugoi

Aurora cruiser, Saint Petersburg, Russia, photo 1

Not everyone knows that this ship is not the historic cruiser “Aurora” built in 1900 (except for some parts and mechanisms, it is a replica). The remains of the original “Aurora” can be found at the bottom of the harbor near the village of Ruchyi in Kingisepp district.

During the repair of the ship in 1984, it was found that the hull of “Aurora” came into complete disrepair and it was not possible to restore it, so it was sunk.

Aurora cruiser, Saint Petersburg, Russia, photo 2

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