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Khabarovsk is the administrative center of the Far Eastern Federal District and Khabarovsk region of Russia. The city is a major economic, transport and logistics, political, and cultural center of the Russian Far East.

The city is standing on the right bank of the Amur River near the border with China. Distance to Moscow by air is about 6100 km, by rail – 8533 km.

Khabarovsk was founded in 1858 and named after the Russian explorer of the 17th century Yerofei Khabarov. Khabarovsk Bridge, as well as rock and monument to Count Muravyov-Amursky are depicted on the 5000 rubles banknote – at the moment it’s the biggest banknote in Russia.

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Welcome to Russia 2013

Tourism in Russia is a relatively small, but growing industry. The rich cultural heritage and natural diversity of places put Russia in a prominent place among the countries with the potential growth of tourism.

There are 24 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Russia. Different regions and ethnic groups have a wide variety of traditions. From 1995 to 2011, foreign tourism to Russia increased by 27%. The number of foreign tourists increased from 1.8 to 2.3 million per year.


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“One cowboy, two cowboy” is a Soviet animated film released in 1981. Director: Anatoliy Reznikov. Screenwriter: Arkadiy Khait.

The main characters are a cowboy and his cow. It is one of the classic Soviet cartoons. Almost all children in the Soviet Union saw it.

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Today, at approximately 09:20 local time, there was a powerful explosion in the sky over Chelyabinsk city. According to the officials, it was the result of a meteor rain.

About 1200 people sought medical attention. Most of them were injured by fragments of broken glass. According to NASA, the power of explosion was about 300 kilotons. This is 20 times more than the power of A-bomb that exploded over Hiroshima, Japan during the Second World War.

Meteorite explosion, Chelyabinsk, Russia





140 years since the birth of Feodor Chaliapin

February 13, Russia marks 140 years since the birth of the great singer Feodor Ivanovich Chaliapin, who became a symbol of an era.

Chaliapin, peasant family offspring, who studied music himself had an enormous influence on the Russian and world culture.

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Nizhny Tagil is a very tough city. On the roads along with the usual transport you can find battle tanks. And here are several examples.

Last weekend one driver was nearly run over by the tank that was rushing at high speed across the highway.


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The largest miniature of Russia

Even sleeping areas of St. Petersburg may surprise you. Among the usual residential buildings of Moscow district there is a unique museum project – the largest miniature of Russia (total area is about 800 square meters).

Miniature is a collective image of Russia, which has absorbed all of its most characteristic features, and objects. You will be able to find the Moscow Kremlin, Karelian Kizhi, Peter and Paul Fortress, and other sights of Russia here.



Murmansk is a city in north-western Russia with a population of 304,000 people, the administrative center of Murmansk region. It is the world’s largest city, located north of the Arctic Circle, in the permafrost zone.

The city stretches for more than 20 kilometers along the rocky coast of the Kola Bay, 50 kilometers from the open sea. The basis of the city’s economy is the Murmansk sea port – one of the largest ice-free ports in Russia. All Russian nuclear-powered icebreakers are assigned to it.


Nice video of Ekaterinburg, the center of the Urals, shot this November when the city was covered by first snow. Ekaterinburg is located in the region with a moderate continental type of climate with special sharp changeable weather and well expressed seasons.

Today the city is a strategically important center of Russia which provides connection between European and Asian parts of the country.

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Sochi is a resort city in Russia located on the Black Sea coast of Krasnodar region. Sochi is the largest resort city in the country. Adler district of the city (Adler and Krasnaya Polyana, located 39 km from the coast of the Black Sea) will host the Winter Olympic Games 2014.

Krasnaya Polyana ski resort was opened in 2007. It will hold open air winter sports (cross-country skiing, alpine skiing, bobsled, etc.), while Sochi will host indoor sports (hockey, figure skating, etc.). Also in 2014, it is planned to hold first Grand Prix Formula 1 in Russia here.

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