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Cruise on the Volga River – Tutayev

Tutayev (until 1918 – Romanov-Borisoglebsk) is a historical town with a population of about 40,000 people located in the Yaroslavl region. It is one of the towns included in the famous tourist route known as the Golden Ring of Russia.

This town, standing on both banks of the Volga River, appeared as a result of the merger of two towns – Romanov and Borisoglebsk located on opposite banks. You can visit Tutayev during a cruise on the Volga River. Photos by: Sergey Rubtsov.

stroll around Tutayev




Mouse Museum in Myshkin

Myshkin is a small town with a population of only about 5,700 people located on the left, high bank of the Volga River (Rybinsk Reservoir), in the Myshkin district of the Yaroslavl region.

Since the mid-1990s, Myshkin has become a major tourist center. In the town, a complex of museums (Myshkin People’s Museum) is formed, which includes a museum of mouse – the symbol of the town. Photos by: zhzhitel.

explore this unique museum


Rostov, also known as Rostov Veliky (meaning Rostov the Great), is a town with a population of about 30 thousand people located in the Yaroslavl region, 53 km south-west of Yaroslavl, on the shores of Lake Nero.

This is one of the oldest towns in Russia for the first time mentioned in chronicles in 862. In 1207-1474, it was the center of the Rostov principality. Today, Rostov is a tourist center of the route “Golden Ring of Russia”. Photos by: ivanchuk1.

Church of the Resurrection in Rostov Kremlin.

Architectural monuments of  Rostov the Great, Russia, photo 1

amazing sights of Rostov

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The beautiful nature of central Russia

Yaroslavl region is a subject of the Russian Federation located in the north of European Russia, in the center of the East European Plain. The distance from Yaroslavl, the regional center, to Moscow is 282 km.

Previously, almost all the territory of the region was occupied by dense coniferous and mixed forests (spruce, pine), but, today, they are mostly substituted by birch and aspen forests, and cropland. Also, large areas are occupied by marshes. It seems to be nothing special, but these pictures tell a different story. Photos by: Andrey Grachev.

Yaroslavl region nature, central Russia, photo 1

wonderful Russian nature

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Only a few hundred kilometers from the bustling Moscow city life goes in a completely different pace.

Let’s look at Russian countryside, for example, these tranquil rural landscapes of Yaroslavl region, located in the north of European Russia, in the center of the East European Plain. The photos were taken by Alexey Lobanov.

Rural landscapes, Yaroslavl region, Russia, photo 1

classic Russian province

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Let’s fly over Pereslavl-Zalessky town

Pereslavl-Zalessky is a small town with a population of about 40 thousand people in Yaroslavl region of Russia.

It is located 140 kilometers from Moscow, on the highway M8 “Kholmogory” Moscow – Arkhangelsk, on the shores of Pleshcheyevo Lake. The town is the center of the national park “Pleshcheyevo Lake.” Photos by Andrey Grachev.

Pereslavl-Zalessky town, Yaroslavl region, Russia, photo 1

picturesque Russian provincial town


Rostov Kremlin (1670-1683), currently the State Museum-Reserve, is one of the most amazing cultural and architectural objects of Russian heritage. Photo by Alexey Skalin

Rostov Kremlin, Russia

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This majestic Savior Cathedral, built in the early 20th century, is standing in the center of the small village Kukoboy (population about 1,000). The cathedral is a picturesque temple constructed in high artistic style.

It is considered one of the most beautiful churches in Yaroslavl region and in all Russia. The temple impresses in its beauty and amazing proportions, rich ornamentation of white facing stone. Photos by Denis Spirin

Savior Cathedral, Kukoboy village, Yaroslavl region, Russia photo 1


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On the bank of the Volga River near the town of Tutaev (Yaroslavl oblast) you can see the remains of a very beautiful building, known as Sorokin’s dacha.

It is believed that the house in the Moorish style was bought by Yaroslavl merchant Sergei Nikolayevich Sorokin at the fair in Nizhny Novgorod. The house was built in 1868. Also there was a park with a pond, fountains and pavilions around the dacha. Photos by vj_jjic

The remains of beautiful Sorokin's dacha, Yaroslavl oblast, Russia view 1


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Welcome to Batkovsko-Olkhovsky peat extraction site located in Yaroslavl oblast of Russia. In 2010 the significant part of the area was flooded. Today it is the cemetery of abandoned peat extraction machinery.

The place has become popular among local fishermen. They are calmly catching the fish living among the drowned tractors and harvesters. It could be a great place to shoot some kind of post apocalyptic movie. Photos by borh_84.

Yaroslavl oblast, Russia Fallout scenery 1


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