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Suzdal – a thunderstorm is coming

Suzdal is a small town located in Vladimir oblast. It is standing on the Kamenka River, 26 km north of Vladimir.

Suzdal is a town-reserve, included in the Golden Ring of Russia. Photo by Victor Periakin

Suzdal - a thunderstorm is coming, Russia

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The Russian team at the World Cup 2014

Today, the World Cup FIFA 2014 begins in Brazil. After twelve-year break, the Russian team will again take part in the championship.

In its recent history (23 years), it is only the third time the team qualified for the finals of the World Cup. However, in 2018, the Russians will be guaranteed presented at the World Cup since it will be held in Russia.

The Russia National Team, the World Cup 2014

interesting fact and group stage matches

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If you like architecture, then the following video tour about monuments of Constructivism in Yekaterinburg will probably be interesting to you.

Nowadays, Constructivism (the Constructivist style in architecture) is a brand of Russia and Yekaterinburg (Sverdlovsk in the Soviet era) is one of the world’s largest exhibits of Constructivism. Sources: Ural Life & Culture and


“Sheremetevo Castle” is a unique park and palace complex, located in the village of Yurino in Mari El Republic (about 200 km from Yoshkar-Ola and 650 km from Moscow), an architectural monument of federal importance.

Construction of this huge castle-palace was going about forty years (1874-1915). As a result, you can see a wonderful eclectic mix of Western European and Oriental Gothic, Romanesque and Old Russian architecture.

Sheremetevo Castle, Mari El Republic, Russia, photo 1

very picturesque place


Moscow Kremlin 1800 is a project of recreating Moscow city fortress buildings of the early 19th century. It is based on various paintings depicting the architecture of the Kremlin made by artists of the time.

From a historical point of view, these images are closest to how the Kremlin looked like in 1805. Pictures by Moscow Kremlin 1800

Moscow Kremlin in the early 19th century, Russia, picture 1

Moscow Kremlin in the past


In the mid-1950s, rich deposits of diamonds were discovered in Yakutia. Nowadays, Russian company “ALROSA” develops these deposits producing 99% of diamonds in Russia and more than a quarter in the world.

Mirny town, known as the diamond “capital” of Russia, is located in Yakutia about 1200 km from Yakutsk. Diamond pipe “Mir” was opened in 1955. The new town was named after it. Photos by Stepanov Slava

Mirny town - the diamond capital of Russia, photo 1

diamonds are mined here


Wonderful view of one of the most beautiful bridges in St. Petersburg – Trinity Bridge, Trinity Square and Peter’s Embankment. Photo by Sergey Degtyarev

Trinity Bridge and Trinity Square, Saint Petersburg, Russia


Lake Baikal has many names in Russia: “The Holy Sea”, “The Great Lake”, “The Pearl of Siberia”, etc. But you can’t pick up a few words to reveal the essence of this unique creation of nature, this amazing corner of the Earth.

Baikal is the deepest lake in the world (1642 meters) and the largest reservoir of fresh water (more than 23,000 cubic km., or about 20% of world reserves).

Winter Baikal Lake, Russia, photo 1

spectacular scenery

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Under the agreement valued at $ 400 billion, Russia will supply China with 38 billion cubic meters of natural gas per year for 30 years.

Analysts estimate that the price of Russian gas on the border with China will be about $ 350 per 1,000 cubic meters, and apparently will not cover even the cost of natural gas delivered through the pipe at the border because in justification of the investment cost price was set at $ 360-400.

It is clear that this is a political project rather than concern about improving the welfare of the citizens of Russia.

Russia-China natural gas

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Picturesque views of Yoshkar-Ola

Yoshkar-Ola is a city in Russia, the capital of Mari El Republic, with a population of about 260,000 people. The city was founded in 1584 as a military fort in the center of the Volga-Vyatka region, on the banks of the river Malaya Kokshaga.

Present day Yoshkar-Ola is one of the cultural centers of the Finno-Ugric peoples. Cultural heritage of the city reflects different historical periods of formation of Yoshkar-Ola.

Yoshkar-Ola city, Russia, photo 1

interesting cityscape