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People of the Russian Empire in the 1850s-1870s – Part 2

The second set of photos of common people taken by William Carrick (1827-1878), a Scottish-Russian artist and photographer, in the Russian Empire. The first part. Source: humus.

1. Orthodox priest.

2. Seller of abacuses.

3. Seller of bagels.

4. Seller of game.

5. Seller of kalachi (round loafs of bread).

6. Seller of kvass (a traditional Slavic and Baltic beverage).

7. Seller of baskets.

8. Seller of furniture.

9. Seller of ice cream.

10. Seller of knives and tools.

11. Seller of vegetables.

12. Seller of pirogi (pies).

13. Seller of pirogi.

14. Seller of sieves.

15. Seller of fruit.

16. Seller of apples.

17. Soldier of the Caucasian Cossack Regiment.

18. Old Believer.

19. Junkman.

20. Glazier.

21. Wanderer.

22. Wanderer.

23. Fishmonger.

24. Seller of brooms.

25. Sellers of matches.

26. Grinder.

27. Chimney sweeper.

28. Street musicians.

29. Young man fixing a mat.

The first part of photos

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