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The following photos were captured during the expedition to the coast of Karskoye Sea on the territory of Yamal peninsula of Russia (Yamalo-Nenets autonomous okrug).

The region is extremely rich in natural gas (about 20% of all known natural gas deposits of Russia). The pictures were taken by nub1an and frederick-taer. And here is the video report.





The mighty bears of Kamchatka region photos

The following photos were captured by Igor Shpilenok at the Valley of Geysers and Kurilskoye Lake of Kamchatka krai (region) of Russia. Both places are the part of Kronotsky natural reserve and Igor was working as one of the inspectors of the reserve.

Kamchatka region, Russia bears view





The picturesque views of Russian dacha

A lot of urban families in Russia have so called dachas – the small parcels of personal land located near the city.

Dachas are the places of resting and growing some vegetables, berries, fruits. And here are the picturesque pictures captured at one of such dachas. All the photos are clickable.

Russian dacha scenery





The weathering pillars of Komi Republic photos

The weathering pillars is a unique geological monument located on the plateau of Man’-Pupu-Ner in Troitsko-Pechorsky district of Komi Republic of Russia. The geological monument is the composition of seven pillars with the height of 30 to 42 meters.

The pillars appeared as the result of ancient mountains erosion. There are numerous legends about the pillars among the local people. The weathering pillars geological monument is one of the winners of Seven Wonders of Russia contest.

Komi Republic, Russia weathering pillars view



Here are the amazing photos captured by Vitaliy Raskalov from the highest radio tower (about 270 meters) located in Moskovskaya oblast of Russia (the photos are clickable).

Moscow oblast, Russia 270 meters tower view


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Stavropol krai purple snow video

Several days ago the people living in Stavropol krai (region) of Russia were very surprised and frightened by the strange purple snow. Here is the short video report.


Several days ago the heaviest snowfall of all the history of Russian capital happened. Here are several photos of snowy Moscow by Ilya Varlamov.

Moscow city snowfall



Nice video about the beauty of Russia.

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A trip to Naryan-Mar by winter road

Naryan-Mar city is the capital of Nenets Autonomous Okrug located behind the Arctic Circle (permafrost zone, polar night during December and January).

The city is the main base of exploring Timano-Pechorskaya gas and oil province. The following photos were captured by Russian photo blogger Frederick Taer during his journey to Naryan-Mar.

Travelling to Naryan-Mar city, Russia


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Dangerous bridges of Siberia videos

The bridges along Baikal-Amur railway of Siberia, Russia. No comments…