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Vasya Lozhkin (real name Alexey Kudelin) was born August 18, 1976 in Solnechnogorsk (Moscow region) where he lives to this day. The artist is very popular in the Russian Internet for his paintings in which he ridicules the types of the surrounding reality.

He likes to draw animals, especially cats of all possible and impossible kinds. Here’s an example of the zodiac signs in his performance. The site of Vasya Lozhkin

The Ram

The cat zodiac signs - the Ram

amusing cat zodiac

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The Catherine Palace is a former imperial palace located in the town of Pushkin (former Tsarskoye Selo), about 25 km from St. Petersburg. This summer residence of the Russian tsars is one of the largest palaces in the vicinity of St. Petersburg.

Construction of the building was started in 1717 by the order of Russian Empress Catherine I. It is an example of the late Baroque. Photos by deletant

The Catherine Palace, Saint Petersburg, Russia, photo 1

beautiful architecture and interiors




A new look at Russian folk painting

Art painting is the art of decorating any surface by paints and brush. It is considered one of the most popular types of arts and crafts.

In Russian folk art, there are many styles of art painting. You can see the most popular styles (Khokhloma, Gzhel, North-Dvina, Zhostovo, Mezen, Gorodets) with the help of these unusual pictures made by Sasha Vinogradova

Russian Folk Painting, picture 1

really unusual but cool pictures

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Art Park “Nikola-Lenivets”

Nikola-Lenivets is located about 200 km from Moscow – in Kaluga region, on the banks of the river Ugra. Part of its territory belongs to the national park. It is open to creative experimentation and is constantly updated with new art objects.

It is the only in Russia art park with the landscape installations – land art objects made by the best Russian and foreign artists. Many of these objects have become iconic for contemporary art.

Art Park Nikola-Lenivets, Kaluga region, Russia photo 1

more objects of contemporary art


Alexander Zavaly is a Russian painter, illustrator and stage designer with more than 500 works living in Gelendzhik (Krasnodar region). A lot of his works are included in the collections of national museums, private galleries, both in Russia and abroad.

We would like to present to you a series of his works named “Epical cats”. This series triggers mixed feelings in Russians. You can make your own opinion by looking at these pictures.

"Epical Cats" of Painter Alexander Zavaly picture 1

heroic Russian cats


Earlier this year, Russia’s largest airline “Aeroflot” announced a contest “Paint the plane of Aeroflot.” The contest was announced in honor of the 90th anniversary of the company and it was open to everybody.

The winner of the contest was the project of Alexander Sosnovsky, who suggested to paint the plane in the style of Russian folk painting Khokhloma. You can see his design on the picture below.

Plane painted in Khokhloma style, Aeroflot, Russia photo 1

first photos of repainted aircraft

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A few days ago, in Perm, the festival of arts “White Nights” started. An exhibition of Krasnoyarsk artist Vasily Slonov “Welcome! Sochi 2014” was one of the participants of the festival. A couple of days later, it was closed by the local authorities.

Officials found the exhibition Russophobian and defaming the Olympics in Sochi, said the organizer of the festival Marat Gelman. However, he said, the exhibition will be reopened in the independent cultural center “Rechnik” today.

Exhibition "Welcome! Sochi 2014", Perm, Russia caricature 1

More caricatures of the Sochi 2014 Olympics

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May 1 is a holiday in many countries around the world and is known as Labor and Spring Day in present Russia. In the USSR it was celebrated as International Workers Day.

May 1, 1886, socialist, communist and anarchist organizations in the U.S. and Canada staged a series of rallies and demonstrations. May 4, 1886, six people were killed when the police broke up one of these demonstrations in Chicago.

May 1 - Soviet propaganda poster 1

If you have worked well – you will have good rest


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The State Museum of Architecture named after A.V. Shchusev in Moscow begins advertising campaign. The main purpose is to tell people about this wonderful museum. Unique collections of the museum reflect thousand-year history of the architectural heritage of Russia.

The focus is on the key historic buildings, symbols of the city – St. Basil’s Cathedral on Red Square, the Bolshoi Theater, and the main building of Moscow State University named after M.V. Lomonosov.

Shchusev State Architecture Museum, Moscow, Russia poster 1


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Konstantin Egorovich Makovsky (1839-1915) is a Russian artist. Many of his historical paintings show an idealized view of life in Russia in the past centuries.

The portrait genre took special place in the artist’s works. Largely thanks to it he achieved success by becoming a fashionable artist of his time.

His paintings are known for beautifully painted furnishings, clothes, expensive fabrics and furs. The artist tried to show portrayed in the most favorable light, while adhering to the exact similarity.

Russian beauty, Konstantin Makovsky painting 1


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