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In 2017, Russia may begin to deploy its own orbital space station, probably using the modules made for the ISS. Up to 90% of the territory of Russia and the Arctic shelf will be visible from it, this figure for the ISS is about 5%. Good idea but it is unlikely Russia will have enough money to do it by then. On the night of October 21, the business jet Dassault Falcon 50EX crashed in Vnukovo airport during takeoff - collided with a snowblower. All the people on board, the chief executive of the French oil company "Total" Christophe de Margerie and three crew members, died. September 26, Soyuz TMA-14M spacecraft successfully docked with the ISS. The next long-term crew (the Russian cosmonauts Alexander Samoukutyaev and Yelena Serova, and NASA astronaut Barry Wilmore) arrived at the station. Yelena Serova became the first Russian woman-cosmonaut in a long time (17 years). The Ministry of Economic Development of Russia has revised its growth forecast of the Russian economy in 2015. Deterioration in the forecast is related to the sanctions because of the events in Ukraine and geopolitical tensions. Some figures July 28, 2014, Permanent Court of Arbitration in the Hague ordered Russia to pay 50 billion USD in compensation to the former shareholders of Yukos Oil Company. The Court acknowledged that the Russian authorities actually expropriated the company from its former owners. More notes from Russia »
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M E asks: I'm traveling to Astrakhan tomorrow. So, please propose me a good and non-expensive hotel which is in good area in Astrakhan. Also Please introduce touring and beautiful places in Astrakhan. I'm eager to have a map of Astrakhan city. I'm waiting to hearing from you soon.
Expert's answer:
The following list of Astrakhan hotels will probably be useful. Some info about Astrakhan sights. You can find a pretty decent map of Astrakhan on Google Maps. This service can be used to translate the sites from Russian.

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