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In 2017, sales of new cars and light commercial vehicles in Russia increased by 11.9% (1.596 million units). Growth occurred for the first time in four years. The most popular cars: Kia Rio, Lada (Granta, Vesta, Largus, Xray), Hyundai (Solaris, Creta), Volkswagen Polo, Renault Duster, Toyota RAV4. According to VCIOM, Russians need an income of 40,000 Rubles per month per person (700 USD) for a decent life. In Moscow and St. Petersburg - 57,000 Rubles (1,000 USD). In 2017, the number of Russians with income below the subsistence level (10,300 Rubles per month) was about 21 million people. International Olympic Committee decided to ban participation of the national team of Russia in the 2018 Winter Olympics as punishment for manipulation of doping tests in Sochi in 2014. "Clean" athletes are allowed to compete under a neutral flag with Olympic symbols. The world's largest planetarium with a dome diameter of 37 meters was opened in St. Petersburg in the former gasholder building (1884) - one of the buildings of the complex of the former gas plant of the Metropolitan Lighting Society. Since 2009, according to the Ministry of Health of Russia, young people (13-15 years) began to smoke almost three times less, and the number of smoking adults decreased by one third. In today's Russia, about 51% of men and 14% of women smoke. Among adolescents, this figure is 15%. More notes from Russia »
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There are regular buses running from Gdansk to Kaliningrad.

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