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In 2016, Russia may harvest a record crop - 114-116 million tons of grain. Farmers will even face a shortage of grain storage. In the current agricultural year (July 1, 2016 - June 30, 2017), Russian grain export will be about 38.5 million tons, wheat - 28 million tons. On the last Sunday of July, Russia celebrates the Day of the Navy. A lot of memorable ceremonies, military parades and veterans meeting are held all over the country. The main celebrations take place in St. Petersburg. Russian traveler Fyodor Konyukhov started his round the world balloon flight in Australia. The balloon named "Morton" will fly at an altitude of 5-10 km from west to east for about two weeks and cover a distance of about 33-35 thousand km. In January-May 2016, according to China Customs, Russia came in the first place for the supply of oil to China increasing it by 42% to 22.17 million tons. Saudi Arabia is in the second place (21.88 million tons), Angola - in the third place (18.51 million tons). According to the 2016 Global Peace Index, Russia is at the end of the list of the most peaceful and safest countries (152th out of 162). Russia is the third most militarized countries in the world, only slightly behind Israel and North Korea, the United States is in fourth place. More notes from Russia »
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bob asks: Can I send letters from the USA to Omsk?
Expert's answer:
Yes, you can easily do it. Just write the correct address on the envelope. For example, it will look something like this: To: Ivanov Ivan Ivanovich Address: 644000 (the main postal code of Omsk), Russia, Omskaya oblast, Omsk, Lenina Street, 1 (the house number), 1 (the apartment number).

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