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The Head of the Federal Department for Safe Storage and Destruction of Chemical Weapons, Colonel-General Valery Kapashin said that, as of July 13, 2015, Russia destroyed more than 90% of its arsenals (35.972 from 39.967 thousand tons of chemical warfare agents). In the first half of 2015, the outflow of capital from Russia reached the level of $52.5 billion. By the end of 2015, with the current sanctions regime and the oil price of $50-60 per barrel, the total outflow will be about $100-110 billion. In 2014, the outflow of capital amounted to $154,1 billion. Russians chose ten characters for the mascot of the World Cup that will be held in the country in 2018. The list includes the Amur tiger, the warrior, the wolf, the Far Eastern leopard, the firebird, the alien, the cosmonaut, the cat, the bear and the robot. On the second phase, students of art schools will be working on their versions of the mascot design. 1.9 mln people died in Russia in 2014, primarily, from diseases of cardiovascular system and old age. But there are other reasons: 64548 - myocardial infarction, 39431 - pneumonia, 27066 - suicides, 20612 - road accidents, 20232 - diabetes, 14816 - tuberculosis, 13097 - homicide, 12879 - HIV, 12504 - liver diseases related to alcohol. At the ongoing Expo Milano 2015 hosted by Milan, Italy (May 1 - October 31), the Russian pavilion has become one of the five most popular. About 450 thousand people learned not only about the natural riches of Russia, but also tasted the national cuisine and traditional drinks. More notes from Russia »
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Expert's answer:
You should fly to Moscow, and from Moscow there are direct flights to Tambov available (from Vnukovo airport, takes about 1.5 hours).

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Arkhangelsk, Russia

Arkhangelsk (also spelled Arhangelsk) is an administrative center and capital city of Arkhangelsk oblast of Russia. It is located in the mouth of the Severnaya (North) Dvina River, about 40 km from the White Sea.... More...

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