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On the second Saturday of August, Russia celebrates the Day of the Athlete - a professional holiday of coaches, physical training teachers, athletes, and just all lovers of physical activity. Today, in most cities of the country there are all kinds of sports events and competitions. According to Rosstat, in the first half of 2018, the natural population decline in Russia was 164,000 people. The birth rate decreased by 4.7%, mortality increased by 0.7%. The number of births was 782,000 people compared to 821,000 one year earlier, the number of deaths - 946,000 compared to 940,000. According to Rosstat, in Q1-Q2 2018, 29 million square meters of housing were built in Russia, 3.8% more than a year earlier. The share of individual housing construction grew by 12% - 15.3 million square meters, the share of apartment buildings decreased by 17% - 13.7 million square meters. The World Cup 2018 in figures: the total attendance - 3,031,768 people, the average attendance - 47,371 people per game, the highest number of penalties - 29 and own goals - 12, only 1 match ended without goals scored, 169 goals were scored (2.64 goals per game). The most scoring team was Belgium - 16 goals in 7 games. According to Rosstat, about 40% of the able-bodied population of Russia (19-60 years old) is overweight. Such not healthy foodstuffs as sausages are popular, but there is a significant lack of fish, vegetables and fruits consumption. Also more than 50% of Russians include cakes and sweets in their daily diet. More notes from Russia »
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