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Russia may become the world leader in grain exports, ahead of the former leaders - the United States and Canada. In 2016, according to preliminary estimates, Russia will be able to export about 23.5 million tons of wheat, 3% more than in 2015. At the same time, Canada may reduce exports to 20.5 MT, and the US - to 21.8 MT. Transparency International presented Corruption Perceptions Index 2015. Russia ranked 119 out of 168, and was mentioned among the European countries with the most difficult corruption situation, where "bribery often goes hand in hand with repression." Also the Russian authorities "strangle" civil society and independent media, which are intended to prevent corruption. In 2015, the Russians witnessed a spike in prices. Although official inflation in 11 months was only 12.1%, the prices of many consumer goods and services increased by 30-50%. And it is not the end. Experts estimate that in 2016 food will rise in price by 10-15%, gasoline - 7%, electronics and household appliances - 10-15%, catering - 30%, airline tickets - 10%. Russia's Sofia Nikitchuk ranked second on the beauty contest "Miss World 2015". Mireia Lalaguna Royo from Spain became the winner. Of course there is nothing more painful than to take second place but still a very good result. Russia increases oil production and exports against the backdrop of falling oil prices. During 11 months of 2015, Russia exported abroad 222.808 million tons, which is 8.5% higher than the same period last year. In November, oil exports from Russia increased by 10% and amounted to 19.976 million tons. More notes from Russia »
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Sahil Khan asks: Are the notes of 5000 Rubles of 1995 in use? I want to exchange.
Expert's answer:
No, these banknotes are no longer in circulation. Anyway, after the denomination, the value of such banknote in the current money is less than 1 USD.

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Magadan, Russia

Magadan is a city and seaport on the Sea of Okhotsk, located in the northeastern part of the Russian Federation (the Far East). It is the capital of Magadan oblast and the Kolyma region gateway... More...

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