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According to the study "Measuring the health-related Sustainable Development Goals" conducted by the medical journal "The Lancet", Russia is in the 119th place near Syria, Ukraine and Belarus. The main problems: alcohol, suicide, HIV, and violence in society. The average daily oil production in Russia has reached the maximum values for the past 25 years. Since the beginning of September, it exceeded 11 million barrels per day. The best time to freeze the level of oil production and push oil prices up. According to New World Wealth, Russia ranks first in the list of countries with the highest levels of inequality among the major economies of the world. About 62% of the wealth belongs to dollar millionaires, 26% - to billionaires leaving almost no room for the formation of the middle class. In 2016, Russia may harvest a record crop - 114-116 million tons of grain. Farmers will even face a shortage of grain storage. In the current agricultural year (July 1, 2016 - June 30, 2017), Russian grain export will be about 38.5 million tons, wheat - 28 million tons. On the last Sunday of July, Russia celebrates the Day of the Navy. A lot of memorable ceremonies, military parades and veterans meeting are held all over the country. The main celebrations take place in St. Petersburg. More notes from Russia »
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Susan Vorhand asks: According to an article in the July issue of National Geographic Tuvans believe the past is ahead of them while the future lies behind. Is this true? The concept blows my mind. Can you shed some light on it, or direct me to where I might learn more about it? Thank you. Susan Vorhand PhD.
Expert's answer:

In general, this is true. Nomadic Tuvans think about the time as a road on which they move their entire lives. But, standing on this way, their faces are turned to the past, to the ancestors. All their hopes are concentrated there, they look for support in the past experience, know their ancestry to the seventh generation and can call them by names.

Everything that nomads want to get in their life, they beg from their ancestors referring to the past. That's why, warmed by the patriarchs' care, nomads turn their backs to the future. They don't choose the future as a goal, it comes to them from behind, the future for them is unpredictable and dangerous because it carries unexpected threats to their tribes.

You should find literature on the psychology of the nomads to get more details.

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