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The Ministry of Economic Development of Russia has revised its growth forecast of the Russian economy in 2015. Deterioration in the forecast is related to the sanctions because of the events in Ukraine and geopolitical tensions. Some figures July 28, 2014, Permanent Court of Arbitration in the Hague ordered Russia to pay 50 billion USD in compensation to the former shareholders of Yukos Oil Company. The Court acknowledged that the Russian authorities actually expropriated the company from its former owners. Russia will write off $ 32 billion, which the Republic of Cuba owes Russia on loans granted during the Soviet period. Writing off the Cuban debt is the biggest act of financial debt settlement in the history of post-Soviet Russia. Previously, the largest write-off was with Iraq debt ($ 12 billion). The World Cup FIFA 2014 begins in Brazil today. After twelve-year break, the Russia national team will again take part in the championship. In the group stage, the team will play with South Korea, Belgium, and Algeria. Good luck! Under the agreement valued at $ 400 billion, Russia will supply China with 38 billion cubic meters of natural gas per year for 30 years. It is clear that this is a political project rather than concern about improving the welfare of the citizens of Russia. More notes from Russia »
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Andrew asks: What is the driving distance from Magadan and Anadyr?
Expert's answer:
At the moment, there is no road between Magadan and Anadyr. But there is a project of this road and this work has already begun but it will take years to complete it.

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