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In 2018, Russia climbed to the 5th place in the world gold reserves displacing China. They increased by 14.9% (275 tons) and amounted to 2,112 tons. The main reason is the diversification of international reserves and almost complete rejection of US government bonds (the amount decreased to 14 billion USD from 176 in 2010). In 2018, the trade turnover between Russia and China increased by 27.1% and amounted to 107 billion USD. Exports from China grew by 12% (47.97 billion), imports of Russian goods grew by 42.7% (59.08 billion). China mainly exported electromechanical industry products and imported oil, coal, and lumber. According to the preliminary assessment of the Accounts Chamber of Russia, inflation in 2018 was higher than the forecast - 4.2%, GDP growth was lower - 1.5%, growth in real incomes of citizens turned out to be almost zero - 0-0.4%. 2019 is likely to be even worse. In 2018, according to RIA Novosti, the average family in Russia spends 31.2% of its budget on food. For comparison, in the UK this figure is 10%, France - 13.4%, Poland - 24.3%, Ukraine - 50.9%. As a rule, the lower is the share of spending on food, the higher is the standard of living in the country. In 2019, 144,583 foreigners will be allowed to get Russian work permits, about 20% less than in 2018. Priority professions: mining, construction, repair works; workers in large and small industrial enterprises; workers in the metalworking and engineering industries. More notes from Russia »
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Igor asks: Hey, I have 1 and 5 ruble bank notes from 1947 and 25 10 5 3 and 1 from 1961. Just curious could they be of any worth?
Expert's answer:
In general, none of these bills cost much. Depending on their condition, the price may vary significantly. 1 Ruble 1947 - 5-15 USD, 5 Rubles 1947 - 20-100 USD (the most valuable one), 1 Ruble 1961 - 0.5-1 USD, 3 Rubles 1961 - 1-2 USD, 5 Rubles 1961 - 3-4 USD, 10 Rubles 1961 - 3-4 USD, 25 Rubles 1961 - 2-3 USD. So you can just keep them as nice Soviet souvenirs.

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