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Today, the costliest Olympic Games in history start in Sochi. The Black Sea coast attracts about 2.900 athletes (15 different sports disciplines). Good luck to all the participants of the Winter Olympic Games 2014. Let's hope there won't be any incidents. Outstanding small arms designer Mikhail Kalashnikov died at age 94 today. He is known worldwide primarily because of his Kalashnikov AK-47 assault rifle. Mikhail Kalashnikov is definitely one of the few people who influenced the development of the world. At the upcoming World Cup 2014 in Brazil, the Russian team (#22 in the world rankings, Nov 2013) will play its matches in group H with Belgium (#11), Algeria (#26) and South Korea (#54). According to most sports experts, the overall result of the draw is quite favorable for Russia and the chance to advance from the group is high. Russia and China plan to conduct joint development of oil field in Siberia. In Soviet times, Srednebotuobinskoye oil field in Yakutia was the place of at least seven nuclear explosions made to intensify production of oil. Officials deny environmental concerns that this oil may be radioactive. Total reserves of the field are estimated at one billion barrels. Russia is one of the first places in the world in income inequality among the population, according to a report on Global Wealth prepared by the bank Credit Suisse. Globally, billionaires own 1-2% of the national wealth. In present Russia, 110 billionaires own 35% of the wealth. A lot of poor people in the country are Russians who are working (education, health care), families with children. More notes from Russia »
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KAREN asks: How could I find out if my mother was from that region? The family name is Novikov. My mother's name was Marfa & she was born in 1909. She immigrated to the United States around 1928 or 1929. Thanks for any information you can give me.
Expert's answer:
You can contact the State Archives of Bryansk oblast. Also, here is the site of Bryansk oblast archival service. You can use the following service to translate sites from Russian in cases when it is necessary. All Russia Family Tree site will probably be useful too.

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