Russian army

Russian army overview

The Armed Forces of Russian Federation is a military organization of Russia having the purpose to defend Russian state and protect Russian independence. The Supreme Commander in Chief of Russian Armed Forces is The President of Russia.

Russian Army

Russian army general facts

The Armed Forces of Russia include Land Forces, Air Forces, Navy, Space Forces, Airborne Troops and Rocket Forces of Strategic Importance (ICBMs). Russian army is one of the largest in the world having the manpower of about 1 million with the largest nuclear weapons arsenal (after USA).

Russian Land Forces are divided into following military districts:

  • Moscow
  • Leningrad
  • North Caucasian
  • Volga-Ural
  • Siberian
  • Far Eastern

Russian Navy has the following fleets:

  • Baltic Sea fleet
  • Pacific Ocean fleet
  • Northern fleet
  • Black Sea fleet
  • Caspian Sea flotilla

The questions of our visitors

georges asks: Hello. I see many newspapers sayed the Russian army almost fall down or finished by problems like alcohol or drugs or may be because many people doesn't loging to the Russian army? This is myth or truth?Thank you.
Expert's answer:

In general the real power of present day Russian army is low because of numerous reasons:

  • old Soviet times military equipment
  • low level of military training of the soldiers and general discipline in the army
  • the system of recruitment is from the Soviet past (compulsory military service)
  • modern strategies like network-centric warfare are not accepted widely
  • high level of corruption
  • and a lot of other reasons I can't remember just now

The only scare thing remaining is high number of ICBMs with nuclear warheads.

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Love to watch Russian war games
I love to watch Russian war games, I love site to good work, I like to see more on Russian things, Jeffrey in Australia. I like Russian people too.

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