Russian history

Russian history general facts

The name of “Russia” was first time mentioned in 1517 meaning northeastern parts of Rus state, the territories free from Poland and Lithuania states dependence and united into Moscow state. In Western Europe for the period of 16-17th centuries the country was known as Moskovia (the people of the country - moscovites).

Russian History

The name “Russia” became official name of the country during the ruling of Russian tsar Peter the Great (Peter the First). The country became Russian Empire. In 1917 Russian became the republic after February revolution.

After the October revolution Russia received new name - Russian Socialist Federative Soviet Republic and in 1922 became the part of Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR).

In 1990 the declaration of Russian Federation sovereignty was approved. Later, December 7-8 of 1991, during the meeting of Russian, Ukrainian and Byelorussian leaders in Belovezhskaya puscha USSR was officially canceled and the Commonwealth of Independent States was approved. December 25, 1991 RSFSR was received new official name - Russian Federation (Russia).

Russian history

Main periods of Russian history

  • The period before Rurik (from ancient times to 8th century)
  • Ancient Rus state (from 9th to 12th centuries)
  • The period of Russian lands uniting (from 13th to 15th centuries)
  • Moscow state period (16th century)
  • The Time of Troubles (17th century)
  • Russian Empire period (from 18th to the beginning of 20th century)
  • Soviet state period (from 1917 to 1991)
  • Russian Federation period (from 1991 to present day)

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