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Russian economy overview

Russian economy was 8th according to International Monetary Fund by nominal volume of Gross Domestic Product in 2008. The total share in world GDP was about 3,3%. The basis of Russian economy is Soviet times initial capital bought by private owners in the period of post Soviet Russia by the mechanism of privatization.

Russian Economy

Russian economy features

Russian economy is unique because from the one side it is still the reduced variant of USSR economy from the other it is the successor of planned economy with additional features appeared later during the market economy times.

Russian economy is based on exporting of natural resources like oil, natural gas, metals and timber. Also Russia has rich experience in such industries as space traveling, nuclear power generation, military technologies.

Thereby integration of Russian economy together with the economies of Brazil, China and India into global economy and market is one of the most important questions of present day and near future.

The questions of our visitors

Haley asks: What kind of food and other thing does Russia import and export?
Expert's answer:
Here is a nice source of info about Russia exports, imports, and trade partners.
Mystery asks: Can you tell me exactly how much it would cost to buy a movie ticket is Russia?
Expert's answer:
The price of a movie ticket in Russia starts from about 100 rubles (about 1.5 USD), the average price is about 200-250 rubles.
brent asks: How much would a school teacher of young kids around eight make per monyh in Russian rubbles?
Expert's answer:
The level of wages in Russia varies greatly depending on the city. The highest salaries are paid in Moscow (about 40,000 rubles a month for this work). In other Russian cities, the average salary level for it is about 15,000-20,000 rubles a month.

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