Russian adoption

Russian adoption overview

Adoption is an artificial form of establishing parentage; including individual (child) or a group of individuals (children) into family on the rights of blood children.

According to Russian laws adoption is the first-priority form of helping children left by their parents. The adoption is allowed in relation to under age children and only in their interest. The facts like ethnic origin, culture and religion groups membership, native language, the opportunity of upbringing and education continuity should be taken into account.

Russian Adoption

Russian adoption facts

The adoption of brothers and sisters by different persons is not allowed with the exception of the situation if it is in children interests.

The adoption in Russia is accepting child into family on the rights of blood child. The child became a relative and receives all the proper rights and duties. The features of Russian adoption:

  • Let the child feel him/herself equal member of the family
  • All the inheritance rights remain intact also after reaching lawful age
  • The opportunity to give the child second name of the adopter and first name by adopters choice, change the place of birth and date of birth in some cases
  • The adoption can be formalized by the request of single adopter or a married couple
  • The procedure is longer than receiving guardianship because the adoption is formed by civil court
  • Not every child can be adopted