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Russian people (also spelled Russkiye) are East Slavic people ethnic group. Most of the Russians are living in Russian Federation and neighboring countries like Ukraine, Byelorussia and Kazakhstan.

Also it should be mentioned that “Russians” as English term refers to all citizens of Russian Federation regardless of their nationality (in Russian language the citizen of the country is known as Rossiyanin, plural Rossiyane). About 80% of the population of the country are ethnic Russians.

Russian People

Russian people facts

Russians ethnic group is the largest in Europe and among the largest in the world consisting of about 140 million people (about 100 million in Russian Federation, 17 million in neighboring countries, 3 million in Western Europe and Americas, others in Eastern Europe, Asia and other regions of the planet).

Russian language (Indo-European family of languages) is the most popular language among all Slavic languages. Russian is one of the official languages of United Nations.

The questions of our visitors

My asks: Are Russian racist towards blacks? I would love to visit Russia but i don't know how Russian me would see me as a black women. I've heard some men are fascinated with us there.
Expert's answer:
It would be wrong to say that all Russians are racists, but this problem exists in present Russia. You can find some information in this article about racism in Russia.
jashleen asks: Do the Russians regret not being a communist state anymore?
Expert's answer:
Not a lot of people in present Russia regret not being a communist state and in reality the USSR was not even close to communism in its true meaning. Of course there are people, mostly elderly people, who still like the USSR, have nostalgia, they vote for communist party of Russia. Also it should be mentioned that unfortunately a lot of young people don't know the history of their country well enough and they think the USSR was better than it really was.
Elizabeth asks: Is English widely spoken in Russia? I am planning a trip to visit Moscow and St Petersburg next year. Would it be too cold to visit in mid May ? Your assistance would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks, Elizabeth.
Expert's answer:

Today English is main foreign language Russian children are studying at schools but the standards are not high so after the school not a lot of people are able to speak fluently or at least understand English. The situation is much better in large cities like Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

As for the weather in the middle of May the average temperature of May in Moscow is about 13C and 11C in Saint Petersburg.

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