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There are several hundreds thousands of scientists in Russia, about half a million of them are doctors and candidates of science. During the period of 1995-2005 Russian scientists published about 290,000 scientific articles cited about 972,000 times (according to the analysis of 11,000 scientific journals).

Russian Science

Russian science info

By the end of 2005 Russia had the 8th place in the world by the number of published studies and 18th place by the number of citations. Russia has thousands of researches cited tens and hundreds of times in international studies. The majority of them are physicists, biologists and chemists.

Russian scientific research is of the great influence of Russian Academy of Sciences. It is noncommercial scientific organization created in a form of state academy of sciences. There are about 60,000 scientists including about 500 academicians in the staff.

There are also such state academies in Russia as Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Russian Academy of Education, Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Russia Academy of Architecture and Building Sciences, Russian Academy of Arts. Also there are various private academies having status of public or commercial organizations.

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