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Explore Breathtaking Russia During Covid 19

Russia is definitely one of the most beautiful countries in the world. The destination provides many extraordinary and amazing locations and sites so the visitors fully enjoy the stay.

There are big cities such as Moscow and Saint Petersburg with a large number of historically valuable monuments, objects, and areas. You can definitely see and explore many things there so that’s a big reason for the popularity among tourists.

Those cities are among the top travel destinations, not just in Russia but in the entire world. Millions of foreign visitors come to the locations on a yearly basis so that’s indeed a massive number of people.

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Covid Crisis

However, the situation has changed in the last year or two because of the Covid crisis. Many got sick and some unfortunately died. It was the reason why many countries closed their borders and prevented their residents and citizens from traveling abroad. Tourism was one of the heavily affected industries by such an outcome so the number of visitors significantly dropped.

Russia itself did not close the borders during those moments, but the government did not recommend traveling because of the dangerous situation. The visitors could, however, do that at their own risk if they have a strong desire or need to visit the country.

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The embassies, therefore, worked in a quite normal way with some possible restrictions and limitations. Those have been possible within the territory of the country itself, and the motive for such measures has been in the prevention of the spreading of the virus.

However, even if the embassy is physically closed by the circumstances, you can usually reach the authorities through phone and email. They can tell you everything you have to know including the working hours during the situation.

It is good to know the Russian travel visa is not hard to get so you definitely have a good chance to achieve success during the applications. Still, there are several requirements you have to meet in order to avoid obstacles and problems during the application.

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Prepare Necessary Documents

First of all, you have to have a regular passport with an appropriate validity date of at least six months at the moment of applying for the visa. If your travel document is about to expire, your application may get rejected by the authorities, and that’s definitely an outcome all want to avoid. That’s why it is important to pay attention to those details, and you may get a longer valid visa if the expiration date of your passport is placed in the distant future. There are no legal obstacles then so you should expect good results.

The passport is the most important document for the procedure of application, but it is definitely not the single one. You will also have to fill appropriate application forms giving necessary personal details. The papers are usually provided by the officials in the embassy so you can get them through communication with the staff. They might ask you for different details, and you are obligated by the law to provide correct and truthful answers.

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You will also need to create two additional photos of yourself. They have to be made in the same size as the one in your travel document. The application form usually has an appropriate place for photos so you just have to attach them there. They will stay in the base of visitors so they can be used in the moments of need.

An invitation letter is also a very useful document, and you may get your visa far easier if you can provide such a document to the authorities. It means that someone is actually guaranteeing for you there so the risk of your visit is significantly reduced by such positive circumstances.

The authorities may also ask you for any other additional documents and materials that can help them during the procedure, however, it depends on each individual case.

If there is anything unclear with the procedure, you can also contact one of many travel agencies that deal with such paperwork. They can explain everything in detail, and they can guide you through the procedure if it is necessary.

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When boarding an aircraft traveling to the Russian Federation, you must have with you a medical document (in Russian or English) confirming the negative result of laboratory PCR analysis for COVID-19. The test must be done no earlier than three calendar days before arrival in the territory of the Russian Federation.

If it is impossible to submit a medical document in Russian or English, it is allowed to submit it in the official language of the state where the organization that issued such a medical document is registered, with a translation into Russian. The translation must be done by a translator and certified by the Russian consulate. Certification of translations of tests for COVID-19 is carried out during working hours without making an appointment.

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