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4 Tips To Make Your Tour Around Russia Safer and More Exciting

Russia can be one of your dream destinations if you know how to make your way safely around places in the country. It can be the opposite if you are uninformed or unprepared for the risks of navigating through unfamiliar territories. Petty crimes, con jobs, and scams targeting tourists are common not just in Russia, but also in many tourist destinations around the world. The best way to avoid them is to be informed, vigilant, and smart about how you interact with the locals and use foreign services and amenities.

Whether it’s your first time or nth time visiting Russia, we’ll share here some useful tips that will make your tour around Russia safer and more exciting.

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1. Always Bring Your Travel Documents

Russia has a strict policy when it comes to checking travel documents. It can’t be helped, since Russia has surrounding self-proclaimed republics that have an antagonistic relationship with the country’s government. Thus, you need to bring your passport with visa and immigration card not just upon entry into the country, but also in most of your travels, especially outside of the major cities. Having travel insurance can also be a safety and security measure while you travel to Russia. Your insurance policy can help reimburse you in case of baggage theft or loss, in case of flight cancellations, terrorist events, and other unexpected situations while traveling. To keep your documents and valuables safe while bringing them along, you need to store them in secure containers such as crossbody bags, chest bags, belt bags, or fanny packs. Wear the bag in front of you so that you can keep your eye on its contents regularly, even in crowded places.

2. Be Aware of Taxi Charges

Exorbitant taxi fares are also problems in tourist destinations, and Russia is no exception. Before you travel by taxi, you have to research the standard rate for the drop charge and distance charge for metered taxis and the correct flat rate of taxis in the city. If you have a good grasp of the local language, you can negotiate and finalize a solid price with the driver before getting into the cab. Asking for local help is also a good idea, especially if you can’t speak good Russian. Another safe option for going around the city is using the public transportation or metro system, where you can have standard fares and you have maps guiding you to places you want to go. If your destination is a few blocks away, you can walk towards the destination instead.

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3. Be Vigilant Around Big Crowds

Big crowds can be magnets for street criminals and con artists. Tourists tend to stick out like a sore thumb when they get mixed in big crowds, making them easy to spot by unscrupulous individuals. Do your best to avoid big crowds when walking around major cities in Russia. Try to befriend a local or two to help you blend in and act more like a local. If it can’t be helped that you should get into a crowded place, keep the money you are bringing in different places on your person. This can help you become a less likely target for pickpockets and swindlers.

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4. Avoid Drinking Tap Water in Russia

We’ll shift from physical safety to health safety here. Water will be one of your most important necessities in any vacation, so be sure to bring safe, drinkable water with you. The practice of avoiding tap water doesn’t just apply to Russia, but to any other foreign or unfamiliar place that you go to. Russia’s tap water currently has considerable amounts of pollutants and contaminants which can upset your stomach or cause gastrointestinal diseases, which can ruin your vacation plans. While bottled water is an easy solution, single-use plastics are not environmentally friendly materials. Filtered water bottles are a good alternative as they can filter even tap water to make it safe to drink.

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Traveling smart, alert, and aware of your surroundings is a good practice to develop. Overall, Russia is a relatively safe place to travel. If you know how to follow the rules and regulations in your home country, then you’ll have no trouble adjusting when visiting another country. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to practice precautionary measures to ensure a safe trip. When your mind is at ease, you get to enjoy your travels more.

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