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Solovetsky Islands or simply Solovki is an archipelago located in the White Sea (Arkhangelsk oblast), consisting of six major islands and more than 100 small islands.

The archipelago and the five-kilometer water area of ​​the White Sea are included in the protected area “Solovetsky State Historical and Architectural Museum-Reserve.” Photos by: Petr Ushanov.

Solovki - the beauty of the Russian North, photo 1

winter on Solovki


Somewhere on the Pomorsky coast of the Onega Bay of the White Sea (north of Arkhangelsk region), there is an old village called Vorzogory.

The population of the village is only about 100 people and who knows for how long it will exist. It is a very picturesque place with a unique flavor of the Russian North. Photos by Petr Ushanov

Vorzogory, the White Sea, Russia, photo 1

severe beauty of the Russian North




Cold Coast of the White Sea near Solovki

The White Sea is an inland sea located in the north of the European part of Russia. The Solovetsky Islands (also known as Solovki) is the largest archipelago of the White Sea, part of Arkhangelsk region.

The Solovetsky Islands, as well as the five-kilometer area of the White Sea, are included in the protected area – Solovki State Historical and Nature Museum-Reserve. Photos by borh_84

Cold Coast of the White Sea, Solovki, Russia, photo 1

frozen landscapes

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The Solovetsky Islands (also known as Solovki) is an archipelago in the White Sea (total area is about 347 sq km) in the Arkhangelsk region. It consists of 6 large and about 100 small islands (Google Maps location of the largest island).

The archipelago, including five-kilometer area of the White Sea, is the protected area – Federal State Institution “Solovetsky state historical-architectural and natural museum-reserve.” Photos by Dmitry Mordolff

The Solovetsky Islands, Arkhangelsk region, Russia photo 1


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The White Sea is an inland sea located in the north of the European part of Russia (washes the shores of Karelia and Arkhangelsk region), refers to the Arctic Ocean. Of the seas surrounding Russia, the White Sea is one of the smallest. The average water depth is 67 meters. All the sea is internal waters of Russia.

The temperature of the surface layer of sea water varies greatly depending on the season in different parts of the sea. In winter the temperature of the White Sea surface water is about -1,3 … -1,7 ° C in the center and north of the sea, up to -0,5 … -0,7 ° C in the bays. Photos by borh-84

The White Sea nature, Russia photo 1


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Pochozersky church complex built in the 17th-18th centuries is unique architectural ensemble consisting of two churches and bell tower – one of five remaining in the Russian North, and one of only three in Arkhangelsk oblast.

The complex is of significant historical and architectural value due to the fact that it has extremely rare in the Russian wooden architecture diagonal three-dimensional composition, which is unique in Russia. Photos by Constantin Voutsen

Pochozersky church, Arkhangelsk oblast, Russia view 1


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Vodlozersky national park sceneries

Vodlozerye is ancient historical area of Russian North, rich in original culture, which is presented in traditions of aboriginal population and remarkable works of wooden architecture. Vodlozero national park is located in Karelia Republic and Arkhangelsk oblast of the country.

In 2001, by decree of UNESCO, the park received a status of biosphere reserve, first in the system of national parks of Russia. Here are several pictures of the park captured by pomor-land (all the photos are clickable).

Vodlozersky national park, Russia view 1


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Solovki Islands monastery views

Solovki monastery founded in 1420-1430 on Solovetsky Islands (Arkhangelsk oblast) is among the main historical monuments of Russia included in UNESCO World Heritage list. The following photos of the monastery were captured by Maxim Yashin.

Solovki monastery, Russia view


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