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Entertainment near St. Petersburg

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We invite you to familiarize yourself with the fascinating places of the Leningrad Region, where you can spend an informative weekend. We are not talking about the world-famous Peterhof or the Catherine Palace, which of course are recommended for visiting, but less famous, but in spite of this, no less interesting places.

Entertainment near St Petersburg, Russia, photo 1
Photo by: Olga Sadrova.

1. Gatchina geysers

The amazing creation of nature can be seen in the Gatchina district. There are real geysers in the middle of the forest. The view of these miraculous fountains can be enjoyed both in winter and in summer. By the way, in winter, the spectacle is especially impressive. The water freezes and turns into ice floes, forming ice mountains of bizarre shapes of beautiful green color.

There are six geysers in total. Each has its own unofficial name. For example, there is a geyser that people call “Water column”. Where did the geysers come from in the Leningrad Region? All the same, not Kamchatka or Iceland. There are various versions, but there is no exact answer to this question. The halo of mystery surrounding this place makes it even more interesting for tourists.

You can get there as follows: The reference point is the village of Korikovo, located in the Gatchina district. Upon reaching the village, you need to turn in front of the bridge onto a dirt road, then turn right at the store and go to the parking lot. Then follow the paths into the forest. If you wish, you can find a guide who will show the location of all the geysers.

Entertainment near St Petersburg, Russia, photo 2
Photo by: Maria Mitrofanova.

2. Penaty Estate Museum of Ilya Repin

The museum estate is located 45 kilometers from St. Petersburg, in the village formerly called Kuokkola, and now in honor of the great artist – Repino, on the coast of the Gulf of Finland. Ilya Efimovich lived here for 30 years and was buried in 1930.

The house was built according to the plans of the artist himself. It is an interesting structure with many large windows and verandas that provide natural light to the artist’s studio on the second floor. Visiting the estate, you can learn about the life and work of the great artist, as well as admire the picturesque places. More information about the Penaty Estate Museum can be found on the website:

Entertainment near St Petersburg, Russia, photo 3

3. Zayachy Island

It’s not so easy to get to this amazing place, but believe me, after deciding to go on this trip, you will not regret it.

A very small area of Zayachy Island attracts tourists with mesmerizing natural views. It is a combination of stone shores, lush grass, and the sea. In addition, a lighthouse is still operating here. The lighthouse is made out of stone and it was built in 1927.

You can only get to the island by boat. But first, you need to get to Vyborg, and from there along the Primorskoe highway to Vysotsk. The locals will be happy to rent out a boat or kayak for you.

4. Verkhniye Mandrogi

In this village you will also find picturesque views that the Russian land is rich in. But besides the natural beauty, there is something else to see. This village is unusual in that it seems to be stuck in time. Here you can get acquainted with various crafts such as blacksmithing, lace-making, wood carving, as well as Russian cuisine. You can observe the animals on the farm, try yourself in equestrian sports, and also observe how the peasant family of the 19th century lived.

Themed festivals and holidays are often held in Verkhniye Mandrogi. The village is located in the Podporozhsky district of the Leningrad region. More information can be found on the official website of the village:

Entertainment near St Petersburg, Russia, photo 5
Photo by: Ildar Babikov.

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