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Top 10 posts of our blog in 2010

The year of 2010 is coming to its end and here is the list of most popular topics of our blog as for 2010. Great variety of different themes but still Russia in its uniqueness and beauty (the posts are sorted in chronological order).

1. Two parts post devoted to Soviet propaganda during the World War II. Really interesting pieces of art (part 1, part 2)

Soviet World War 2 propaganda poster 1

Soviet World War 2 propaganda poster 2

2. Russia is known for its beautiful nature and architectural monuments and the post about 7 wonders of Russia according to all-country poll was very popular.

Seven wonders of Russia - Mamaev kurgan

3. Soviet Union was spending significant part of its resources to military purposes and that was one of the reasons of its collapse. That is why present day Russia has numerous places like the following abandoned submarines base.

Russian submarines abandoned base

4. The ancestor of present day Russia is Russian Empire and unfortunately there are not a lot of remains of that times preserved and the ones that still exist are abandoned like the following mansion-castle of hussar colonel Vladimir Khrapovitsky.

Russian hussar abandoned mansion view

5. A lot of various accidents happened in Russia in 2010 and among them is the one captured in the following video – The crash of the tower crane in Krasnoyarsk city.

6. Another accident happened in the city of Volgograd – Recently constructed bridge began to dance!

7. The level of income of numerous people living in Russia is low and very low. It is one of the reasons why such hand made things like the following bike constructed of reinforcing steel bars appears.

Russian bike made of reinforcing steel bars

8. Russia is rich in natural sources of power like oil, natural gas, coal and doesn’t know well how it is to use energy efficient technologies like in the following case sharing the heat with street cats.

Volgograd city, Russia cats heating system

9. The puzzle – What country in the world has Eiffel Tower in Paris? The answer is obvious? Not at all and here is the answer – Russian answer.

Russian Paris Eiffel Tower

10. And again the remains of Soviet war machine. Nothing was left without close attention of Soviet army including the islands located in the Arctic Ocean. No more people there but what did they leave behind?

Wrangel Island, Russia pollution

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