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Top 7 of our posts about Russia published in 2012

The new year is getting closer and summing up this year, I would like to share with you the following list of Top 7 posts published in our blog in 2012. They can’t compete with a number of our top posts about Soviet propaganda published earlier but are still worth seeing.

#1. In 2003, the United Nations called Grozny city the most destroyed city on the planet. It was the result of two Chechen wars. And here is Grozny city now.

Grozny city rebuilt after the wars, Russia

#2. One year ago, just before the New Year celebrations, a new metro station “Admiralteyskaya” was opened in Saint Petersburg. It became the deepest metro station in Russia – the length of the escalators is 120 meters.

Admiralteyskaya metro station, Saint Petersburg, Russia

#3. During the Cold War, the Soviet Union produced a huge amount of various military equipment. Later, a lot of the machines were dismantled or conserved at special bases. Sometimes, for unknown reasons, large bases full of military equipment simply stopped functioning.

Abandoned base, Soviet military equipment, Russia

#4. And once again we return to Grozny city reconstructed after the wars. This time, night views of the city are in the center of our attention.

Grozny city at night time, Russia

#5. As I mentioned above, Soviet propaganda is one of the most popular topics on our site. And this post is about the origin of it – Soviet propaganda posters made in 1917-1923.

Soviet propaganda - the beginning

#6. Russia is rich in places abandoned for various reasons. The maximum depth of this abandoned mine shaft reaches 880 meters. All the entrances and ventilation trunks are either concreted or sealed with steel “stoppers.” However, there are people for whom this is not an obstacle.

Abandoned suspended mine, Russia

#7. Ingushetia Republic located in the North Caucasus is known not only for its beautiful mountain scenery but for its tower buildings – historical and architectural monuments.

Mountainous Ingushetia, Russia

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