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What Types Of Online Entertainment Are Legal In Russia?

The advancements in modern technology paved the way for emerging of various types of online entertainment. Unfortunately, not all of these are considered legal in certain countries, such as in Russia, where necessary measures were taken to regulate them.

This is because alongside the benefits brought about by online entertainment came some drawbacks that are avoidable with the proper handling and management. As such, here are some types of online entertainment legal in the country.


Social Networks

Being able to access some of the most popular social media platforms provides a certain form of amusement, especially with hilarious, unique, interesting or informative posts. An immense number of people now choose to pass the time idly scrolling down Facebook or Instagram or reading funny tweets from Twitter.

Fortunately, though these social media giants are still legal in Russia, even if they have been threatened to be blocked in the country. The threat was based on the premise that these platforms fail to meet the country’s demand to move the data of Russian users to the servers located within the country.

Mobile Games

Another type of online entertainment that is legal in Russia is mobile games. The Russian mobile gaming market is even set to rise in the near future as more and more people opt to play through their smartphones. However, it still holds true that online casino games or even a game of slot online is still considered illegal in the country.

This is because these games fall under the criteria of online gambling, rather than on mobile gaming. Nevertheless, there are four subject areas in the country where gambling, in general, is permitted and these are in the Altai, Krasnodar, Kaliningrad, and Primorsky regions.

Music Streaming

Russia has its own music streaming services and this is Zvooq. This service offers free music streaming with advertisements, as well as subscription packages to save the users of having to listen to ads in between their playlists.

Apart from Zvooq, there is other local music streaming services in the country which are Yandex and Trava, all encompassed under Russia’s anti-piracy law.


Video Streaming

Live video streaming is another form of online entertainment that is legal and very popular in Russia. Through live video streaming, users are able to follow events over the internet in real-time. The giants in this field are YouTube, Twitch, Periscope, and even Facebook, who now offer live video streaming services.

Statistics show that in Russia, 80% of the population uses their smartphones for live video streaming on a daily basis. However, there are certain laws that regulate these services to ensure that live video streaming will not in any way, be used to perpetrate a crime or disclose proprietary information.

There are numerous forms of online entertainment and while these have undeniable and amazing entertainment value, they can also be a cause of unfortunate events. This is the reason why certain legislation and laws were put in place to regulate what types of online entertainment can be accessed in a country like Russia.

Keep in mind though that what may be deemed as legal in one country may be considered as illegal in another.

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