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Top Reasons You Have to Study Medicine in Russia

Russia is known in the education industry for providing world-class education in the field of medicine for the past 15 to 20 years. The top quality coupled with very less fees and also the price of accommodation is damn cheap when compared to other developed countries of the world. This has attracted a lot of students from developing countries like India to choose Russia to fulfill all of their medical aspirations. There are a lot of reasons why you have to study medicine in Russia. It is listed below. In case, the students get bored of studying and wish to take a break badly, they can choose to go for the free spins no deposit NZ type of casinos in the place as well.

Study medicine in Russia, photo 1

Institutions with world-class standards

All the institutions in Russia have world-class standards. The history of the institution goes back to more than 200 years. The teaching quality hasn’t been depreciated over the years. The students who study in these institutions are evaluated regularly and one can find that the ones who pass out from the medical colleges based out of Russia have better standards and knowledge when compared to the other countries.

Learn in English

One of the biggest hurdles which students from other countries face in a new country is the medium of instruction. Earlier, medical schools in Russia used to offer medicine-related education only in Russian. These days, medicine related to education is offered in English as well. However, the students learn the basics of Russian in very few days of their stay in the country as they have to communicate with their colleagues.

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No requirement for medical exam donation

There is no requirement for one to clear any sort of medical entrance examination to study medicine in the country. Also, the students don’t have to spend lakhs and lakhs of money only on donations alone. You can easily get into one of the best medical colleges in the country with your marks alone.

Fewer fees and cost of living

The students don’t have to pay a huge sum of money as fees. The meritorious students can avail scholarships as well to study in the universities. The cost of living in the country is less. The amount one gets to spend to study medicine in Russia is ten times lesser than what one has to spend to study medicine in a different country.

Globally recognized degrees

Most of the time, the degrees awarded to the students are not globally recognized by many universities around the world. You can apply for masters in any country in the world after completing your bachelor’s in Russia.

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A lot of students give up on their dreams of becoming a doctor as it seems to be a costly affair every day. For those students who don’t wish to spend much money, but achieve their dreams as well, this proves to be one of the best choices they could make for their education.

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