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The USA vs. Russia Education Compared

The US and Russia have fairly old systems of education. They have several similarities and also main differences. In both nations, the governments are committed to a learned population that can continually thrust the nations forward economically, socially, and politically.

Formal education, especially higher education, contributes significantly to the high level of technological advancements observed in the two largest nations in terms of landmass. The similarities and differences in their education systems can be summarized as follows.

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Education system controlled by the government

Both nations have government and private schools but they all follow an education system set by the government. The department of education sets the curriculum and controls what schools should teach, starting from the lowest grades to the highest.

This kind of system ensures a unified form of information for all students who go through the education system. To the governments, it is the best way to bring their citizens to a point where they will understand the nation’s dream and play their role towards its fulfillment.

Critical thinking versus memorization

In terms of teaching, American education differs from Russian. The American teacher creates an environment where the learner can actively use his or her mind to create a solution. The teacher will guide the learner on how to create the solution, but at the same time gives them space for independent thinking.

For example, if the students are learning a scientific principle, the teacher allows their students to think about how it works practically. They will do so through experiments, games, writing, and so on.

The system is different in Russia. The Russian teacher is interested more in answers than the process. The student who provides instant answers to a question is more favored than the slow student.

This disparity has turned the students into a community of crammers where students memorize answers instead of stating the facts. As a result, they get challenged when facing real-life after they complete schooling.

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Schooling in a geographical location

Preschool classes in the American system are the responsibility of parents/guardians. They teach their children the basics of education before taking them to grade one. In Russia, there are official early childhood schools and no child can join primary school without having gone through a pre-school. As a result, parents are less concerned with teaching their children at home.

In America, schools are classified into districts. A child can only attend a school within his or her district. If a parent wishes to transfer their child to a school in another district, the only option is to move and live in that district.

In Russia, however, every parent is free to take their child to any school they desire as long as they are willing to study in that school. During admission, the priority is given to children from the district before admitting those from other districts.

College education

Russia does not have too many requirements to join college. All that is needed is for the student to pass the national exam and attain the relevant college entry points. Every academic year has two semesters and each semester ends with an exam. In some instances, students can access higher education for free.

In the US, entry into college has several requirements. Apart from the exams, a student must be recommended by a teacher, be good in extra curriculum activities, write an essay, and be interviewed. During their study, regular knowledge and special talents are taken into account. Higher education in the US is paid for by all students. Special cases need to apply for scholarships or grants.


The level of literacy in any nation is first judged by the number of citizens that have gone through formal education. Every government should create a conducive environment for its citizens to pursue education to the highest level. The governments of Russia and America have played a significant role in ensuring their masses are educated. There are many more chances to improve the current system of education to a better one that produces critical thinkers who can become change agents in technology and the economy.

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