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August 19, 1963 – the first cosmonauts of the world: Yuri Gagarin, Alexei Leonov, Boris Volynov, Victor Gorbatko.

The first Soviet cosmonauts picnic, photo 1



Konstantin Egorovich Makovsky (1839-1915) is a Russian artist. Many of his historical paintings show an idealized view of life in Russia in the past centuries.

The portrait genre took special place in the artist’s works. Largely thanks to it he achieved success by becoming a fashionable artist of his time.

His paintings are known for beautifully painted furnishings, clothes, expensive fabrics and furs. The artist tried to show portrayed in the most favorable light, while adhering to the exact similarity.

Russian beauty, Konstantin Makovsky painting 1


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Women’s fashion in the USSR in 1957

Immediately after the October Revolution, the Soviet government took control of the fashion. In general, the changes occurred mostly in women’s fashion. Clothing was unpretentious, simpler than in the days of the Russian Empire. The woman was to look like as a citizen (“tovarisch”), who can “build” socialism.

However, during the Khrushchev thaw (late 1950s – 1960s), due to more openness in Soviet society, the western style in fashion began to spread. This catalog, published by Leningrad fashion house (Saint Petersburg today) in 1957, gives an idea of this time. Pictures by visualhistory

Women's fashion in the USSR in 1957 picture 1


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Russia is a country with large reserves of various natural resources. The deposits of these resources are located mainly in underdeveloped regions of the country stretching from Siberia to the Far East.

Search for natural resources (mainly oil and natural gas) is made by special seismic prospecting crews. In these photos, taken in several regions of Russia, you can see scenes of life of these people and working conditions. Photos by donskoylis from

The life of a typical seismic prospecting crew in Russia photo 1


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The pioneer camps in the USSR were educational and health institutions for pioneers of the Soviet Union Pioneer Organization named after Lenin and schoolchildren (7 to 15 years) organized usually during the school holidays by trade unions, the Communist Youth League, economic organizations, collective farms, and so on.

About 40,000 suburban pioneer camps for 10 million children were open in the USSR. The following unique photos were collected in pioneer camps that had been abandoned after the collapse of the USSR by Denis Spirin

The pioneer camps, the USSR, 1960-1970, photo 1



The second part of the beautiful color photos of the Russian Empire captured by Sergey Mikhailovich Prokudin-Gorsky in the beginning of the 20th century.
First part of the photos.

Prokudin-Gorsky, the Russian Empire photo 49



Sergey Mikhailovich Prokudin-Gorsky – Russian photographer, chemist, inventor, publisher, educator, and social activist. He made a significant contribution to the development of photography and cinematography. He was also a pioneer of color photography in Russia.

Prokudin-Gorsky captured in color photographs the Russian Empire of his day; its culture, history, and modernization.

Prokudin-Gorsky, the Russian Empire photo 20





The beauty of Russian girls

Russia is gradually becoming more and more popular tourist destination, especially with the coming Winter Olympic Games 2014 in Sochi and the World Cup 2018.

But it should be mentioned that a lot of tourist visiting the country are attracted by beautiful girls living here. This video “Russian beauty” is a perfect example of how beautiful Russian women are.

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Extreme driving on Russian North

Russia is rich in deposits of various natural resources, but for the most part, they are located in wild and undeveloped areas of the Far North, Siberia and the Far East.

Driving a car or even a truck in these areas is very dangerous because of the lack of normal roads; drivers have to cross numerous rivers, etc. A lot of people died on these roads, the number of lost vehicles can’t be counted.


Marina Zakharova was born in Kostroma and graduated from the Yaroslavl Art School in 1987. She takes part in Russian and foreign art exhibitions. In 1998, she received an award from the President of Russia for achievements in art. The paintings of the artist can be found in the collection of Kostroma Art Museum and private collections in Russia and abroad.

Most of the paintings of Marina Zakharova are still lifes. But the author does not agree with this definition of the genre of her paintings. She says that she paints the portraits of flowers. The catalog of paintings.