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“One cowboy, two cowboy” is a Soviet animated film released in 1981. Director: Anatoliy Reznikov. Screenwriter: Arkadiy Khait.

The main characters are a cowboy and his cow. It is one of the classic Soviet cartoons. Almost all children in the Soviet Union saw it.

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The Solovetsky Islands (also known as Solovki) is an archipelago in the White Sea (total area is about 347 sq km) in the Arkhangelsk region. It consists of 6 large and about 100 small islands (Google Maps location of the largest island).

The archipelago, including five-kilometer area of the White Sea, is the protected area – Federal State Institution “Solovetsky state historical-architectural and natural museum-reserve.” Photos by Dmitry Mordolff

The Solovetsky Islands, Arkhangelsk region, Russia photo 1


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Deep blue sea, light white foam

“Deep blue sea, light white foam” is a Soviet (Armenfilm) animated short captured by Robert Sahakyants in 1984. It is a musical fantasy on the themes of Armenian folk tales.

In spite of an ancient story, the cartoon is full with allusions to the modern realities. It is especially relevant in the contemporary Russian realities where the main values of many people are only money and power.

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The branch of the Novgorod State Museum-Reserve “Vitoslavlitsy” is located near Yuriev Monastery (about 5 km from Veliky Novgorod), on the shores of Lake Myachino.

Various wooden buildings (churches, peasants houses, mills, barns, etc.) that have architectural and historical value are moved here from all the districts of Novgorod oblast. At the present time around 30 buildings are gathered in the museum.

Wooden architecture museum. Novgorod oblast, Russia view 1


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The Museum of Lend Lease in Moscow

This unique museum was founded by enthusiasts. The exhibition can be found in one of the halls of the Moscow school №1262. The room is full of various exhibits in one way or another related to the Lend Lease program.

Lend Lease was a state program of the United States during the Second World War. In accordance with the program the U.S. supplied its allies (mainly the Great Britain, the USSR, France, and China) with munitions, military equipment, food, and strategic raw materials, including petroleum products. Photos by

Lend Lease Museum, Moscow, Russia view 1


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Novosibirsk State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater is the largest theater of Novosibirsk and Siberia. The theater building, located on the main square of Novosibirsk is Russia’s largest theater building.

Because of its large size the theater is called “Siberian Coliseum”. The theater building is the pride and symbol of Novosibirsk. Today about 900 people are working there. Photos by Stepanov Slava.

Largest theater building in Russia view 1


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“Under Yesteryear’s Snowfall” is an animated film made in 1983 by the Soviet filmmaker Alexander Tatarsky based on a script of Sergey Ivanov. The cartoon is performed in the technique of plasticine animation.

It is a funny psychedelic Christmas story about a peasant going to forest in search of a Christmas tree.

The cartoon is distinguished by the fact that the aphoristic remarks of the characters, full of absurdist humor, turned to folk sayings.

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Soviet propaganda – the beginning

Soviet propaganda is propaganda of communist ideas and the Soviet way of life. It was carried out deliberately and centrally under the direction of the Communist Party and was officially called the ideological work, educating the masses, etc.

The propaganda combined the universal values (freedom, social justice), and patriotism. Propaganda was conducted through the media, books, movies, theater, and visual art. Today it is the part of Soviet cultural heritage.

Let’s take a look at how it all began during the Civil War and establishing of Soviet power in 1917-1923.

Soviet propaganda - the beginning poster 1

Death to world imperialism!


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Museum of Christmas toys in Klin

The museum can be found in the exhibition complex “Klinskoe podvorye” in a small town of Klin located near Moscow. The collection mainly includes glass toys produced by local factory “Yolochka”, although there are toys of other factories. I personally still have some toys you can see at the pictures below.

The museum runs a shop where all year round you can buy glass Christmas decorations produced by the same factory. Opening hours of the museum: from 9:30 to 17:00. The last tour begins at 16:00. Day off – Monday. Address: Russia, Moskovskaya oblast, Klin town, Staroyamskaya Str., 4. The site of the museum: Photos by Yulia Makarkina.

Museum of Christmas toys, Klin town, Russia view 1



The State Academic Bolshoi Theater of Russia, State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater of Russia, or just the Bolshoi Theater is one of the largest in Russia and one of the most significant opera and ballet theaters in the world. The complex of theater buildings is located in the center of Moscow, at the Teatralnaya (Theater) Square.

July 1, 2005 the theater was closed for the long-planned reconstruction. On Friday, October 28, 2011 after six years of large-scale reconstruction the Bolshoi Theater was reopened.