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Kaliningrad – a boat trip on the Pregolya River

Kaliningrad, until July 4, 1946 – Koenigsberg, is the administrative center of the Kaliningrad region, the westernmost regional center of Russia.

If you want to see Kaliningrad from unusual angles, then you can go for a boat ride on the Pregolya River, which will cost you about $ 10. Photos by: Vasiliy Nikitinskiy.

Near the ethnographic center “Fish Village” – the place where the boat trip begins.

Yubileynyy Bridge opened in 2005 – the only drawbridge in the city.

Kant Island (Kneiphof).

The House of Soviets – the most famous unfinished building of Kaliningrad standing on the remains of the castle of Koenigsberg.

Embankment with the Museum of the World Ocean.

Fishing trawler SRT-129.

The main exhibit of the Museum of the World Ocean.

Cosmonaut Victor Patsaev, which provided communication with the Soviet space.

Administration of the seaport of Kaliningrad.

Submarine B-413.

In the background you can see the unique seaplane B-12.

Two-tier bridge.

The Exchange building.

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