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Gamsutl is a picturesque Avar village located on top of Mount Gamsutlmeer, in Gunibsky district of Dagestan. This village is one of the oldest settlements on the territory of the republic.

Translated from the Avar, the word “gamsutl” means “at the foot of the khan’s fortress”, from what historians have concluded that once, in ancient times, Khan chose this place to build his fortress or tower. Gamsutl on Google Maps. Photos by: Olga Stanina.

Abandoned Gamsutl village, Dagestan, Russia, photo 1

explore the abandoned settlement

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Luke Duggleby is a British photographer who has been traveling the world for almost five years taking pictures of people extracting salt. His publisher decided that the photographer should visit Russia.

After a lot of research, Luke found the information about the little-known Caucasian republic – Dagestan.

The trip of the British photographer Luke Duggleby to Dagestan, Russia

the trip to beautiful Dagestan


Lake Kezenoyam is a lake located on the border of Vedensky district of Chechen Republic and Botlikhsky district of Dagestan Republic. This alpine lake, situated at an altitude of about 1,800 meters above sea level, is the largest and deepest lake in the North Caucasus.

The maximum depth of the lake is 74 meters, the length from north to south – 2 km, from west to east – 2.7 km, the maximum width – 735 meters.

Lake Kezenoyam, North Caucasus, Russia, photo 1

very scenic lake

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The Second Highest Dam in Russia

Chirkeisk Hydro Power Plant (HPP) is standing on the Sulak River near the village Dubki, in the Buinaksk district of Dagestan Republic. It is the largest HPP in the North Caucasus.

This power station has the second highest dam in Russia (232.5 meters). Also, it is the highest arch dam in Russia. Chirkeisk HPP is located in the narrow gorge bearing the same name.

Chirkeisk Hydro Power Plant, Dagestan, Russia, photo 1

magnificent views


Chirkeyskaya hydropower plant is located on the river Sulak in Dagestan Republic. It is the largest hydropower plant in the North Caucasus and the highest arch dam in Russia. It is built in a narrow Chirkeyskiy gorge.

The capacity of the station is 1000 MW; average annual output 2.47 billion kilowatt hours. Photos by Stepanov Slava.

Chirkeyskaya hydropower plant, Russia view 1



Dagestan Republic is a federal subject of Russian Federation, part of North Caucasian Federal District, located in the North Caucasus region. The capital city and administrative center is Makhachkala.

The name of the republic is meaning “The country of mountains”. About 30 peaks in Dagestan are above 4,000 m, the highest peak Bazardyuzyu is 4,466 m. Dagestan Republic of Russian Empire was formed in 1860 after the Great Caucasus War.

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“Anzhi” (also spelled “Anji”) is a Russian football club from Makhachkala (capital city of Dagestan Republic) playing in the Russian Football Championship. The name of the club is an ancient name of the city of Makhachkala. Also the word “Anzhi” means “pearl”. The official club colors are green, yellow and white.

FC Anzhi Makhachkala emblem

Anzhi Makhachkala football club emblem


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