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3 Interesting Facts About Russia That Everyone Should Know

The Russian Federation shares its borders with China, Ukraine, North Korea, and Norway. It is known as the largest country in the world in terms of its land area. Russia is also a member of the UN Security Council, together with four other countries, namely the United States, the United Kingdom, China, and France. Moscow is the capital city of the country, and this is also the largest city.

These facts are widely known, but the things listed below may pique your interest in this amazing country.

Moscow, Russia, photo 1

There Are Numerous Billionaires in Moscow

Did you know that Moscow is home to several billionaires? In fact, the city has the most number of billionaires compared to any other city in the world. Perhaps this can be attributed to the fact that the country is rich in natural resources and that the commodities magnates leveraged this advantage.

Aside from this, investment banking in Russia is known to be lucrative, paving the way for their economy to flourish as Russian companies slowly embraced their presence. However, it can be quite challenging for novice individuals from the finance industry to penetrate this market.

Helicopter Golf Is One Unique Sport Played Only in This Country

There is one unique sport in the suburbs of Russia, and this is known as helicopter golf. The mechanics of the game is very much similar to traditional golf, but instead of a golf club, the player uses a 10-kilogram stick to guide a massive ball, which is typically one meter in diameter. All of this while driving the helicopter, of course.

Rather than rolling green valleys, the course is a snowy white route. If you are curious about why they play this sport, then the simple answer is that they can afford to.

Russia Holds the Record for the Longest Single Railway in the World

The Guinness Book of World Records listed the Trans-Siberian Railway as the longest single railway to date. It may come as no surprise, though, because it crosses 87 cities and towns in the country, which belong to 8 different time zones. By the way, Russia encompasses 11 different time zones, which include the Kaliningrad, Moscow, Samara, Yekaterinburg, and Omsk, to name a few.

There are still others, but from time to time, the country’s government approves certain changes. So, if you ever want to see the entire Trans-Siberian Railway, you will need to spend at least a week to do so, but even overnight in this amazing railway is already a superb adventure.

Moscow, Russia, photo 2

To wrap things up, it is indeed quite interesting to know that there are several billionaires in Moscow. Because of this fact, it may no longer come as a surprise if sports such as helicopter golf is renowned in the country.

In case you set foot in Russia, make sure to try traveling through the Trans-Siberian Railway which crosses eight out of nine time zones that are covered by the country. For sure, riding this train will pave the way for an ultimate travel experience like no other.

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