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Russian Record Breakers

The Guinness World Records has been collecting extreme records around the world since its inception in 1955. The following are the records held by Russian people and institutions.

World’s Tallest Photo Model

Ekaterina Lisina, formerly a basketball player, is the tallest photo model in the world. She was inducted into the Guinness World records in September last year. Ekaterina is 2.05 meters tall. Another record held by Lisina is having the longest legs on earth. Her lower body measures a staggering 1.32 meter tall.

World’s Biggest Online Gambling Payout

As of now, the record online gaming payout is the €90 million EuroJackpot given to Christina by Lottoland. EuroJackpot is a popular European lottery game which holds a draw every Friday in the Finnish capital, Helsinki.

In comparison, the biggest jackpot payout in Russia stands at $8.5 million. According to Stoloto, a lottery firm run by the Russian government, the jackpot was won by 63-year old called Natalia Vlassova.

World’s Oldest Mountain Climber

Three years ago, the then 86-year-old Angela Vorobyova set a world record of being the oldest woman to climb a mountain. Angela climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro, the tallest mountain in Africa.

World’s Longest Tightrope Walker

In February 2016, Oxana Seroshtan became the world’s longest tightrope walker. She managed to walk for 15 meters while wearing 5-inch heels. This was at the Italian chapter of the Guinness Books of Record show, where people try to set new world records.

World’s Longest Swim

Nikolay Petshak and Natalya Usacheva are the current world record holders for the longest swim. The two swam a remarkable 134 km across the Pacific Ocean from Chukotka to Alaska. As a reward, the International Olympics Committee made Petshak and Usacheva the Olympics torchbearers in 2014.

World’s Fastest Car on Arctic Ice

Mikhail Aleshin entered the record books in February 2016 when he drove his race car at 228 km/h on top of a frozen lake in northern Russia. The frozen lake, Lake Lovozero, is located in the Murmansk region on top of the Arctic Circle.

Around-the-world Flight

Lev Kozlov made history in 1990 by completing a flight around the globe in a record 72 hours. The journey started in Melbourne, passed through both the North and South Poles and ended in Melbourne. At the time, Kozlov was a lieutenant at the Soviet Union’s military.

World’s Largest Serving of Pancakes

In February last year, JSC MAKFA, a Russian firm that produces baking foodstuff, prepared the world’s largest serving of pancakes. Over 12,000 pancakes were served, taking a workforce of 16 chefs and 8 hours of work. Remarkably, residents of Moscow ate the packets in whole, with nothing going to waste.

World’s Longest-serving Lawyer

Last year, David Barulya became the world’s longest-serving lawyer with a career spanning 70 years. Although Barulya died later in 2017, he made history in 2015 when he won a case at 104 years old.

World’s Northernmost Mosque

The northernmost mosque on earth is constructed in Norilsk, a city in the northern Siberia region of Russia. Norilsk is 2,900 kilometers north best of Moscow. The mosque is known as Nurda Kamal and was built two decades ago.

Most people Crammed in a Large Car

41 students from the city of Krasnoyarsk in eastern Russia set a record for the most people crammed in a large car. They achieved this by squirming themselves in a completely closed Toyota Rav4. The students were compensated with $71 each for participating in this event.

World’s Most Serial Gold Medalist

Irina Rodnina was a renowned skater who played for Russia, then known as USSR. Throughout her career, she never lost in any competition she participated. Having won three Olympic titles as well as 10 world championships, Irina ended her career with a haul of 33 gold medals.

World’s Youngest Diver

As a 14-year-old, Eyzhena Pelsh became the youngest diver in the world. Before, Pelsh’s dive over the Antarctic Sea, the record was held by a 20-year-old diver.

Most Children by the Same Mother

Although this record was set over two centuries ago, it is yet to be broken. The wife to Fedor Vasilyev, a Russian peasant, gave birth to 69 children. Of these, there were a record 16 twins, seven triplets, and four quadruplets.

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