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“Lesnoy Terem” in Astashovo is a former residence of the peasant Martyan Sazonov (1840/2-1914) located in the central part of Kostroma Oblast, about 200 km from Kostroma.

This is quite a unique phenomenon – a country residence built in the middle of a small village in a remote place. This picturesque wooden house was built in the Russian style with rich and varied carved decor. Lesnoy Terem in Astashovo on Google Maps. Photos by: Alexandr Lipilin.

Lesnoy Terem in Astashovo, Kostroma Oblast, Russia, photo 1

amazing wooden house




Why Choose Education in Russia?

If you are thinking about becoming an international student, you are just about to start the most memorable and exciting journey of your life. Choosing this path has many perks, both immediate and long-term.

But the only question is, what will your destination be?

Education in Russia, photo 1


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Over the decades, Russia has turned from the largest post-soviet republic recovering from the economic crisis which followed the fall of the USSR into a world’s superpower that dictates the rules. Even though there are still many internal policy issues that need to be resolved, the country’s main asset remains unchanged – educated and hardworking people driving scientific and industrial progress.

That’s why Russia has started to enjoy particular attention being paid to its universities by foreigners. Several of its educational institutions have recently made it to the list of the world’s best universities. That brings over 300,000 international students interested in enrollment in Russian colleges every year.

Study in Russia, photo 1


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