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The image of a woman in Soviet propaganda

Soviet propaganda was diverse and influenced the minds of people all the time. Let’s see how the image of a woman was used and gradually changed on Soviet posters. Source: humus

Woman! Learn to read and write!
Oh, mother! If you were literate, you could help me! (1923)

Mothers, do not throw up children!
Go to social assistance soviets, they will help you. (1925)

Emancipated woman – build socialism! (1926)

Stop! (1929)

Working woman, fight for a clean dining hall, for healthy food. (1931)

Be ready for work and defense! (1934)

High tempo harvesting of the Bolshevik harvest. (1934)

All world records should be ours.
The 2-nd All-Union Sports and Athletics Games of the Trade Unions of the USSR. (1935)

Women on collective farms are a great force. I. Stalin. (1935)

Woman, drive a locomotive! (1939)

We will replace! (1941)

Well, let’s do it! (1944)

Glory to the mother-heroine! (1944)

We will ensure a high harvest in 1944!
We will give the front and the country more food! (1944)

We will rebuild! (1945)

All to the elections! (1947)

We culturally serve every visitor! (1948)

Hero of Socialist Labor A.P. Ananieva, a milkmaid of the collective farm named after Telman in the Moscow region, milked an average of 5.213 kg of milk per cow.
Milkmaids, we will achieve high milk yields from each forage cow! (1950)

There were not such women and could not be in the old days. I.V. Stalin (1950)

Honor and glory to the Soviet teacher! (1951)

We will gather a rich harvest from the virgin soil! (1954)

My beauties are good – everyone will like them at the exhibition! (1955)

It’s none of my business! (1956)

Out witch doctors! They do not treat, they only rob and maim! (1959)

Let’s eradicate this evil! (1959)

Bread to the Motherland! (1962)

The party said: it is necessary. The Komsomol replied: there is! To the fields and construction sites! (1963)

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