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Historical and Architectural Complex “Teremok”

“Teremok” is a historical and architectural complex located in the former estate of the artist and patron of arts M.K. Tenisheva in the village of Flenovo, about 19 kilometers from Smolensk.

At the end of the 19th century, a center of art and enlightenment was established here. The creator of this center, Princess Maria Klavdievna Tenisheva, managed to realize in her estate the ideas of the revival of Russian national art. Flenovo on Google Maps. Photos by: Sergey Rubtsov.

At the turn of the centuries, N. Roerich, S. Malyutin, M. Vrubel, I. Repin, A. Zinoviev and other artists created their works of art here.

Today, it is the department of the Smolensk State Museum-Reserve. There are two expositions for visitors devoted to the activities of local workshops, educational activities of Maria Tenisheva.

The complex received its name after a beautiful preserved wooden house decorated with bizarre patterns and resembling a fairy tale hut (“teremok” in Russian fairy tales).

This house, decorated with carvings based on Russian epics and tales, was built according to the project of S.V. Malyutin in 1901. Today, there is a museum here.

The former agricultural school of M.K. Tenisheva.

The model of the not preserved manor house.

Church in the name of the Holy Spirit. The church was built on the joint project of S.V. Malyutin, M.K. Tenisheva and I. Barshchevsky.

“Churches, museums, monuments are built not for contemporaries… They are built for future generations.” Maria Tenisheva.

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