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USA Netflix in Russia

More often than not, there are websites and online content which can only be accessed in certain geographical locations. For instance, Netflix programs which are available in the USA may not be available in other countries such as in Russia, and vice versa.

Nevertheless, there is a way for anyone to be able to access the same Netflix programs from US in Russia, and there are several means out there that will allow you to do so.

USA Netflix in Russia

Use a VPN service

There are several means which can allow you to enjoy USA Netflix programs even if you are in Russia. Nonetheless, to watch American Netflix in Russia, the best thing to do is to use a VPN service.

A VPN, or virtual private network, is an online privacy and security software that is meant to restrict hackers from accessing sensitive information. This is implemented by masking the actual IP address of the user. Thus, connecting a VPN to a server in the US will insinuate that the user accessing the content is geographically in the US.

As a result, a person in Russia trying to access Netflix with a VPN service connected to a server in the US, will automatically be redirected to Netflix US instead of Netflix in Russia.

Proxy Server

Apart from a VPN service, there are still several other means to watch Netflix programs which are only available in the US, even if you are in Russia. One of these is through the use of a proxy server. Simply put, a proxy server also hides your actual IP address because it acts as a firewall or a web filter.

Compared to a VPN service, however, the connection to a proxy server is usually unreliable, especially with various connection requests.

Browser Extensions

Browser extensions may also enable you to stream American Netflix even if you are in Russia. This is because a browser extension will alter how you as a user might view a certain web page such as the site of Netflix. It can be comparable to a web plugin that is able to perform various filters and controls.

The drawback of using browser extensions, however, is that there may be instances wherein the extension is incompatible with certain browsers. Another factor that may affect the browser extension is the speed and performance of the browser itself.

USA Netflix in Russia

Certain restrictions are imposed in terms of online content availability based on geographic locations. Oftentimes, this is a preventive measure to preserve a website’s safety and security. Nonetheless, if you are only after to view some Netflix programs that are only available in the US, you no longer have to fret because there will always be a way for you to do so.

Although it’s undeniable that using a VPN service is always the best way to go compared to utilizing a proxy server or a browser extension, you are always free to try other ways as long as you make sure not to jeopardize your network’s security.

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