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Wonderful view of one of the most beautiful bridges in St. Petersburg – Trinity Bridge, Trinity Square and Peter’s Embankment. Photo by Sergey Degtyarev

Trinity Bridge and Trinity Square, Saint Petersburg, Russia


Leningrad (present Saint Petersburg) pioneers after the announcement of the alarm. 1937. Photographer Viktor Bulla.

There is something sinister and prophetic in this photo. Over the next years, they had a lot to go through and probably only a few survived.

Leningrad pioneers after alarm, 1937, USSR




Peter and Paul Church in Sestroretsk

This beautiful photo was taken in Sestroretsk, a small town which is a part of Saint Petersburg city.

Sestroretsk is a seaside health resort with its mineral waters and curative mud located on the northern shore of the Gulf of Finland of the Baltic Sea. Photo by Sergey Degtyarev

Peter and Paul Church in Sestroretsk, Russia




Church of the Savior on Blood

Church of the Savior on Blood in St. Petersburg was built in 1883-1907 to commemorate the fact that at this place, in 1881, as a result of the assassination, the Emperor Alexander II was mortally wounded. Height of the church is 81 meters.

It was built as a memorial to Alexander II of the money raised throughout Russia. This beautiful church, museum and architectural monument, is located in the historic center of St. Petersburg on the bank of the Griboyedov Canal near Mikhailovsky Garden. Photos by deletant

Church of the Savior on Blood, Saint Petersburg, Russia, photo 1

let’s go on a tour of the church

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St. Petersburg from bird’s-eye view

Beautiful video of cultural capital of Russia, Saint Petersburg, shot from a height.




Saint Petersburg – the land of cloud castles

Beautiful photo of Saint Petersburg – one of the most picturesque cities of Russia – taken by Alexander Atoyan

Saint Petersburg - the land of cloud castles




St. Nicholas Naval Cathedral in autumn

Wonderful autumn view of St. Nicholas Naval Cathedral – large Orthodox church standing on St. Nicholas Square in St. Petersburg. Photo by Ivan Turukhano

St. Nicholas Naval Cathedral in Saint Petersburg, Russia




Smoke City – Saint Petersburg on a frosty day

Beautiful photo of Saint Petersburg, the second capital of Russia, made in a really cold day by Ivan Turukhano

Smoke City - Saint Petersburg, Russia on a frosty day


Not so long ago, in St. Petersburg, a new attraction “Grand Model of Russia” has appeared. It is the largest model in Russia (800 square meters) showing cities and towns, forests and seas, people and animals, roads and railways.

The exposition has all key and typical objects of every Russian region. You can see different scenes from the life of the country: moving trains and cars, naval base, spaceport, a shepherd with a flock of sheep, ships at sea, etc. Here is just a small part of the models presented. Photos by deletant

Grand Model of Russia, photo 1

Russia in miniature

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September 5-6, 2013, St. Petersburg hosted a meeting of the G-20 countries leaders. At Peterhof (museum, a monument of world architecture and the palace and park art of the 18th-19th centuries located on the territory of St. Petersburg), colorful multimedia performance was shown to the leaders of the countries.

Guests of the summit enjoyed the unusual show with light, lasers, fire, video mapping, pyrotechnics, high-altitude fireworks, special three-dimensional sound effects. Multimedia show was lasting 22 minutes. Photos by Petr Ushanov

G20 Summit 2013 show, Saint Petersburg, Russia photo 1

more colorful photos