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Soviet anti-religious propaganda posters

Atheism, as a worldview denying religion, without being formally declared in the USSR as an element of state ideology, was actively supported by the Communist Party and state bodies until 1988.

Propaganda was actively used for these purposes. Here are examples of anti-religious posters that you could see in the times of the USSR.

1. There is no God!

2. Bird catchers.

3. In the trash!

4. Not a single slacker on Easter day.

5. Use the correspondent’s pen and the light of science to expose sectarian tricks!

6. Enough of cheating! The inscription on the book: We are fishers of human souls.

7. Priest calls to the old – no thanks!

8. Against holidays, absenteeism and drunkenness. For the rapid pace of work.

9. Priest, sectarian preacher, mullah, rabbi – all of them preach the “doctrine”, which is alien to communism. Do not be deceived – get rid of the religious drug!

10. The struggle against religion is the struggle for socialism!!! The inscription on the flag: Long live the cultural revolution!!!

11. Religion is poison. Protect children. The sign on the right building: School.

12. Women! Break religious bonds. Build socialism.

13. Cross and tractor.

14. In vain the priest waits at the church shop – we live perfectly without icons and God!

15. Divine cow.

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