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The Flooded Bell Tower of Kalyazin

Kalyazin is a small town with a population of about 13 thousand people located in the Tver region, on the right bank of the Volga River (Uglich Reservoir), 200 km from Moscow and 160 km from Tver.

In 1939-1940, part of the territory of the old town, including all the main historical and architectural monuments, was flooded during the construction of the Uglich hydroelectric power station.

Flooded bell tower, Kalyazin, Tver region, Russia, photo 1

the bell tower in the middle of the Volga


This unusual red church is located in the village of Krasnoye, in Staritsa district of the Tver region. Church of the Transfiguration was built in 1790.

This is one of the rarest pseudo-Gothic buildings of the 18th century in the region. The church looks especially unusual in contrast with the farmhouses and barns. Krasnoye village on Google Maps. Photos by: Alexander Maretsky.

Transfiguration Church, Krasnoye village, Tver region, Russia, photo 1

very unusual church

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Nilov Monastery on Lake Seliger

Nilov Monastery is an Orthodox monastery located on Stolobny Island and partly on Svetlitsa Peninsula, 10 km north of the town of Ostashkov, on Lake Seliger in the Tver region.

The monastery was named after Reverend Nilus Stolobensky born at the end of the 15th century. The magnificent monastery complex that you can see today was erected in the 18th-19th centuries. At that time it was one of the largest monasteries in the Russian Empire and the most visited Russian shrine. Nilov Monastery on Google Maps. Photos by: Denis Spirin.

Nilov Monastery, Seliger, Tver region, Russia, photo 1

very picturesque monastery


Zaklyuchye Manor is located in the Tver region. You can reach it, if you drive on the M-10 highway from Moscow to St. Petersburg, and before reaching the city of Valdai and Lake Valdai take a turn to Borovichi. About 50 km from it, there is Lykoshino station. Nearby, hidden in the woods, on the bank of a forest lake, you will find this “castle.”

The estate appeared in the late 19th century. It was built for the St. Petersburg architect and artist Alexander Sergeyevich Khrenov. Many artists, architects and writers of that time tried to disappear in nature. Photos by: Dmitriy Gazin.

Abandoned manor of the architect Khrenov in Zaklyuchye, Tver region, Russia, photo 1

picturesque abandoned castle

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Toropets is a small town with a population of about 12 thousand people located in Tver region, 400 km to the west of Moscow. It is one of the oldest towns in the country founded in 1074.

The rich historical past of the town left a considerable legacy. On the territory of Toropets, there are dozens of monuments of culture of national and regional importance. Photos by: Petr Ushanov, Ivan Dyomkin.

Toropets town, Russia, photo 1

let’s fly over Toropets


The Staritskiy Holy Dormition Monastery is an Orthodox Monastery located in the town of Staritsa in Tver region.

The monastery was founded in the first half of the 16th century. In 1919, the monastery was closed, and, in 1930, the wall with corner towers, that surrounded the monastery, was demolished. By 2013, the monastery was restored in its original form. Photo by Ilya Melikhov

The Staritskiy Holy Dormition Monastery, Russia


On the territory of Torzhok (small town in Tver oblast) the 344th Training Center of Army Aviation Pilots is located. The center includes the 696th instructors’ helicopters testing regiment. The regiment conducts the testing of all current models and modifications of Russian military helicopters.

Since 1989 there is a helicopter museum on the territory of the center. The unique collection of the museum has 14 machines representing the history of the helicopters in the USSR. Photos by Denis Mokrushin.

Mi-1. The first Soviet helicopter constructed in 1948. It was used for training in flight schools until the mid-1970s.

Soviet helicopters museum in Torzhok, Russia - Mi-1


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The source of the Volga River

The source of the Volga is a monument of nature, unique natural object located in Ostashkov area of Tver oblast in the village Volgoverkhovye about 68 km from Ostashkov town.

The village itself is very small, most houses are abandoned. It is prohibited to drive the car on the territory of the village. Next to the Source you can buy souvenirs, though usually there are not a lot of vendors, as well as tourists. Photos by Alexander Lipilin.

Volga River source, Russia view 1



The Church of the Transfiguration located in the village of Krasnoye (Staritskiy district, Tverskaya oblast) is one of the rarest in the region pseudo-Gothic buildings of the 18th century.

Transfiguration Church, Krasnoye, Tver oblast, Russia view 1


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Abandoned churches of Tver oblast

Not a long time ago from the historical point of view the following churches located in Tver oblast of Russia were full of people from the surrounding areas. And here are the scenic pictures of what we have today captured by Frantsouzov Denis (all photos are clickable).

Tver oblast, Russia abandoned church view 1


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