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Dalniye Zelentsy village is standing on the shore of a small bay (Oscar Bay) of the Barents Sea in Kolsky district of Murmansk region.

In 1935, Murmansk Biological Station was opened in this place. In 1958, it was reorganized in Murmansk Marine Biological Institute. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, almost all people left this place.

Abandoned Base of Murmansk Marine Biological Institute, Russia, photo 1

picturesque abandoned base

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The beauty of the Russian North

Stunning views of the nature of the Russian North are dazzling. For example, these landscapes in the area of Kandalaksha Bay, one of the four major bays of the White Sea, are amazing.

The bay is located in the Murmansk region and Karelia in the northwest Russia. Kandalaksha Reserve is situated in the bay area. This is one of the most beautiful and peaceful places in Russia. Photos by Mikhail Grizli

The beauty of the Russian North photo 1


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Polar Lights or Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) is a natural phenomenon of glowing (luminescence) of the upper layers of atmosphere of the planet that has magnetosphere, due to their interaction with charged particles of solar wind.

When viewed from the surface of the planet Aurora Borealis appears as a general rapidly changing glow of the sky or moving beams, stripes, etc. Duration of the phenomenon varies from tens of minutes to several days.

Here you can see Polar Lights captured on video in Murmansk oblast of Russia near the town of Apatity-Kirovsk. The author of the video is Valentin Zhiganov.




Abandoned school of Teriberka, Kola Peninsula

Teriberka is a village located in the Kola district of Murmansk oblast. Kola Peninsula is a peninsula on the north-west of European Russia washed by the Barents and White Seas. The area of the peninsula is about 100 thousand sq. km.

The first mention of the encampment Teriberka was in 1523. At the end of the 19th century it was already a well-developed village with church, lighthouse, hydrometeostation (first on the Murman coast). In 1938 Teriberka received the status of urban settlement.

Abandoned school, Teriberka, Kola Peninsula, Russia view 1


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Stormy Barents Sea



Wooden houses of Kovda village

Kovda is a little village located in Murmansk oblast of Russia and here are some photos of wooden houses of the village captured by grus57 (all photos are clickable).

Kovda village, Russia wooden houses view 1





Abandoned military base of Russian North

The following pictures show the remains of Soviet military base located on Kolskiy peninsula (Murmansk oblast). Photos by miph.

Kolskiy peninsula, Russia abandoned military base view 1


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The following settlement of scientists was founded in 1935 as a biological station of zoological institute. In 1950s, the biological station was functioning as scientific organization and in 1958 it was reorganized into Murmansk Sea Biological Institute. In 1989, the institute was moved to Murmansk city.

Today the station is almost abandoned and the population of the settlement is about 20 people. The future of the settlement is probably connected with the building of recreation center for divers. The following photos of the settlement were captured by russos (the photos are clickable).

Murmansk oblast Dalniye Zelentsy settlement