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Syzran – the view from above

Syzran is a city with a population of about 173 thousand people located in the west of Samara Oblast, the third largest city in the region after Samara and Tolyatti.

The city is located on the right bank of the Volga River (Saratov Reservoir), at the mouth of the Syzranka River. In its central part, Syzran retained the appearance of a merchant Volga town of the 19th century. In total, there are 143 monuments of history, culture, and architecture on its territory. Photos by: Kirill Zdorov.

Syzran, Russia - the view from above, photo 1

fly over Syzran

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Once again, on one of the military training grounds in Russia, this time located in Samara region, the shells exploded. The explosions at the test site near the town of Chapaevsk began on Tuesday evening. About 6,500 people were evacuated from the nearby Nagorny village to Chapaevsk.

Explosions rocked during disposing of ammunition. The total number of shells stored at the site was about 13 million. According to recent reports, one person died and 34 were injured in the blasts, because the explosions also hit the nearby highway.

Explosions at military training ground in Samara region, Russia

Watch videos captured by witnesses


The following museum of machinery is the property of well known and largest in Russia and Eastern Europe auto factory “AvtoVAZ” (Tolyatti city, Samara oblast) and is located just near the plant.

There are more than 460 various machines on the territory of about 32 hectares. The photos were captured by Viktor Borisov (all the pictures are clickable).

AvtoVAZ Russia machinery museum view


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