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Educating Readers in the USSR in 1926-1929

Propaganda in the USSR was diverse and covered almost all spheres of life. For example, the following posters educated readers how to handle books rightly. Pictures by humus.

1926. Protect the book from rain and snow.

1926. Return the book – others are waiting for it.

1926. The book is not a pocket.

1926. The book is not a kitchen accessory.

1926. Do not cut out pages and drawings.

1926. Do not bend the book and do not roll it up.

1926. Do not read while eating.

1926. Your inscriptions prevent others from reading the book.

1929. How to cut the book. Not with a finger, not with a match, but with a knife.

1929. Return in time the book you took in the library. Other readers are waiting for it.

1929. Book wreckers. Underlining and inscriptions in library books are inadmissible.

1929. Do not bend the book. Do not roll it up. The spine of the book breaks, the pages fall out, the book becomes swollen, shabby, and not readable.

1929. It is unpleasant to take shabby, dirty books into your hands. Handle the book carefully. Do not make it dirty, wrap it in paper.

1929. Use bookmarks. Do not bend pages and do not put anything into the book, to avoid damaging it.

1929. Do you know how to turn the pages of the book correctly? Turn the pages carefully and do not slobber your fingers, so as not to crumple and dirty them.

1929. Reader-predator. You can not use this book because the reader-predator pulled pages and drawings out of it.

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